Beaufort County Community College
Washington, NC, USA


Beaufort County Community College

Joshua from Pine Knot, KY

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am learning a lot here diagrams of ohms law starting systems and my trade instructor is a master mechcanic being here is helping me and others in my trade grow in the working enviroment.
Am enjoying being here
yes i am because of the positive enviroment we have disciplinarians who are leaders on campus to continue having a positive enviroment.
Bang for the buck
when i get out im seeking a degree in automotive engineering also a job to take care of my family.
Tips for prospective students
dress for success!
Great for these types of students
i think this program is great for students that is really interested in automotive and higher advancement.

Ashley from Washington, NC

a current student here
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In three sentences
Beaufort County Community College is easy to adjust to. Beaufort County Community College is fun and more personal than a big university. Beaufort County Community College works with you to make sure you achieve your goals as fast as you want to.
Tips for prospective students
Do not hesitate to ask your academic adviser questions about different courses when registering, its better to know what you're taking than to be stuck in a class that you do not want. Online or on campus, make the choice that is right for you, you can always switch later. Be sure to turn in all of your documents needed for financial aid early because they will tell you it is too late then you will have to wait until the next semester.
Academic Rigor
Beaufort County Community College offers a wide range of courses to choose from. You can take auto mechanic classes that are hands on, cosmetology classes that are hands on, on campus police officer training, and hands on nursing classes. The instructors are excellent about communicating with students, they check their emails daily, they leave more than one contact number, clearly state the times they will be in their office, and now they even have live online chats with classes on Pronto! There are many different degrees and certificates that you can get here such as welding, NA and NAII, mechanics license, cosmetology license, you can train to become a police officer here and many more things you can earn.
Dorm Life
The great thing about Beaufort County Community College is that you do not have to live on campus. Many universities require that freshman have to live on campus and park in certain lots but here no one lives on campus and everyone can park wherever they like, meaning seniors do not get seniority over freshman. They do however have very nice student lounges equipped with many couches and chairs and flat-screen TV's. There are many areas where students can go to just sit around and relax while being right on campus but not having to live on campus.
Food and Dining
Beaufort County Community College has a small cafe where you can order food and they are also directly across from a gas station that features a small cafe where you can order anything from cheese biscuits to hamburgers. As with any school the vending machines are also plentiful anytime a quick snack is needed.
What to do for fun
Although there is not much fun on campus beside the student lounges, with BCCC being a small school everyone just about knows everyone else so you can make so many new friends to hang out with after school around town. Being in a large school makes cliques and groups, here everyone knows everyone and everyone is friendly.
Bang for the buck
For the cost of this school, you get a lot. The school has a low cost and the degrees and certificates you can earn and use to make money makes the proportion of school cost and career salary seem unreal. You can be on your way to becoming just about anything at this school. They are wonderful in helping you to get where you want to be and the student services and financial aid office do all they can to ensure that every student achieves what they want to. This school is small, fun, personal, and very good all for a low cost and little hassle.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Here on campus they have lots of job fairs that make it easier for students to get jobs. Outdoors there are lot of benches and picnic tables located underneath trees in shaded areas. If you just want to be alone I guarantee you will be able to find a nice are with a table to be alone and focus on your work or just relax. There is a big public library with two computer room in it.
Great for these types of students
This is great for student who do not want to live on campus for whatever reason. Students with children, students who want to just get a certificate in a certain field while they are working on a degree, and students who may just be ready or not into the large campus life will benefit from going to this school, everyone would benefit from going to this school some kind of way.
Clubs and Activities
BCCC offers lots of different things to do, some clubs start in particular classes some are school wide.
Campus Safety
There are campus police and the real police are training right on campus so there's never a shortage of security!