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Exercise Physiology

Turn your love of sports or passion for being active into a career by majoring in exercise physiology. This program is ideal for those who want to learn more about the physiological processes involved in motor or physical activity and the impacts different diseases, disabilities, and injuries have on the body. The program covers a vast field of study that focuses on skeletal and muscular anatomy, the basis of cellular and molecular muscle contraction, systematic physiological responses, endocrine secretions, exhaustion, and fatigue. This instruction will teach you what role science plays in movement and athletic performance. Upon graduating, you'll be able to identify the benefits of different exercises and provide counsel to the general public. One of the best things about the exercise physiology major is the plentiful career opportunities it opens up. As long as you're motivated, you'll be may find yourself working as a health educator, fitness trainer, recreational guide, professional athlete, or even a physiologist.

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