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Educational Leadership and Administration, General

Running a school is tough. It takes a strong leader to step up to that challenge and take responsibility for hundreds - if not thousands - of students. Whether you're interested in becoming an assistant principal, a superintendent, or something in between, the educational leadership and administration major can help get you there. Educational leadership and administration majors learn how to function as leaders and administrators in schools, educational organizations, or similar facilities. Courses will cover subjects such as supervising personnel, curriculum development, facilities operations, and overall leadership. Students interested in this major should have good leadership and decision-making skills, as they factor heavily into the day-to-day responsibilities of educational leadership and administration professionals. Though most courses will be held in a typical classroom setting, virtual courses are also an option. In addition, most educational leadership and administration programs will require a certain number of internship hours to be carried out in a local educational facility. Students who graduate with an educational leadership and administration degree generally choose to pursue a career as an administrator in the education field. Roles such as principals, curriculum directors, special education directors, and superintendents are possible positions available.

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