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A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to install and repair fixtures, sheets, windows, and skylights made of glass, plexiglass, and other transparent materials. Includes instruction in site measurement, job analysis and estimation, material cutting and trimming, window and door installation, site safety, equipment operation and maintenance, specification interpretation, and applicable codes and standards.

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Mt Hood Community College is a public, 2-year institution located primarily in Gresham, Oregon, with a satellite location in Portland. The campus features a wide variety of facilities for students to visit, such as the Visual Arts Center Gallery, the...


Some classes have challenged me, but in many others, I have to challenge myself to grow. In some of the introductory courses, it would not take much effort to receive an A in the class. Doing the minimum will hurt you in the long run though.

” – Bryan from Gresham, OR
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Ivy Tech Community College is a 2-year community college with over 40 locations throughout the state of Indiana. It is the largest public higher education institution in the state and the largest statewide community college system in the United...


the courses have on a average 25- 30 students, so there is always more than enough chance for everone to ask their questions and recieve answers. Also there are always working tutors willing to go beyond their tasks

” – Nathan from Indianapolis, IN