William Jewell College
Liberty, MO, USA


William Jewell College

William from Springfield, MO

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Lacks breadth, makes up for in depth.The core curriculum classes are tough, a shock for even the most intelligent first year students as you will often times get the highest level professors and expectations from day one. If you can make it through these classes and settle into your major and develop relationships with those professors you will find yourself learning a lot in the classroom and through the really unique opportunity for close contact with professors. Overall, the rigor at this school is significantly above that at Drury, Missouri State, Mizzou, and Hannibal-Lagrange after speaking with friends attending those schools. The setback for Jewell is that it is so small, there is little room for error of changing majors if you want to graduate in four years. However, over %80 of students do. Second, there is not the breadth of fun, interesting classes, or career focused classes you might find at larger universities.
Am enjoying being here
You really need to join a Greek organization or you will be bored. But don't worry. Overall the frats and sororities are fun and give you the opportunity to be wild, reclusive, focused on school, or anywhere in between.

There is a very diverse group of students here with all sorts of backgrounds even though there is a lack of racial diversity, and little socio-economic diversity. There is plenty of learning and shock from meeting the students here. Contrary to other reviews, I do not find this school cliquish at all. It is very easy to flow through groups as everyone here is nice. That is the best part of this school. The people are good people.

Food-it gets old, isn't the best, but better than many other colleges I visited.

Few hassles

You really will enjoy the harriman-jewell series. Getting to see the Moscow Ballet, and other top performances and musicians for free is no small thing. Take advantage of it. This is stuff that will likely be inconvenient and expensive if not impossible to see for the rest of your life.
Tips for prospective students
Wish I could give it four stars, but they did not lock my tuition like I would expect a respectable institution to do. Overall, I am having to cover $10,000 a year in loans, cash and work study. The school is approximately $32,000 a year for a regular student.

You will not need as much spending money here as you might at other colleges. The college and town does a god job at providing essential like Ice cream parlors, restaurants in walking distance of short drive that are easy on the pocket book. There are many deals for Jewell students to take advantage of.

Study abroad is made very easy and affordable. Almost everyone does it, and you can go pretty much anywhere you can think of.
Great for these types of students
If you don't want a huge University with parties every night, this is the place for you. It is not quiet by any means and the people still have fun, sometimes too much fun, but that's just because we're young. There is a lot of everyday freedom that can be taken advantage of here, but you are still getting a great education and degree from a school that is regionally, extremely respected. If you plan on living in the midwest, it will be well worth you're time to go here, and if you're unsure, you will still be well prepared to go anywhere in the world, you just won't have the name brand degree that everyone knows to get you in the door without proving yourself.