Wilberforce University
Wilberforce, OH, USA


Wilberforce University

Dahrion from Southfield, MI

a current student here
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In three sentences
Wilberforce University is a very family oriented institution. Its atmosphere is just above average, having both good and bad times. The campus facilities are moderate but comforting.
Tips for prospective students
In coming to Wilberforce University it is suggested to come prepared to work. There are many times in which the professors will throw you into the water and expect you to be about to swim, so to speak. Don't expect the university to be anything like the campus of Purdue, for we are almost surrounded by corn fields, but expect to have a great time here.
Academic Rigor
The academic life here is what you make of it. Nothing at Wilberforce will be handed to you but the small community allows one on one assistance from the professors when sought after. Any assistance/ amenities needed are in arms reach but like any other university you have to seek if you shall find.
Dorm Life
The dormitories are always a fun and lively. We have the respectable quiet hours allowing peace for studying and sleeping, along will class rooms inside the dorms for study sessions and tutoring. Wilberforce University offers both single gendered and co-ed dormitories. All dorms are of acceptable standard.
Food and Dining
The cafeteria staff is one of respect. They are very nice when treated with respect and firm when treated otherwise. The food is always filled with nutrients needed for a good bodily upkeep. Sufficient for a decent dietary regiment.
What to do for fun
Fun always depends on what you can do with what you have, for example a car. There are a number of things that can be done at Wilberforce when you have access to a car. There are parties on and off of campus grounds, there are bowling alleys, skating rinks, and movie theaters near by also. The university is lucky enough to sit between 4 high volume malls that transportation travels to on a regular bases.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
There is a place on the roof of the class building that you can see the stars and the moon quite well at night.
Great for these types of students
If your from the Midwest area and want to be away from home (but not too far away that if you get homesick it cost too much to travel back) this is the place for you. Also if you are from the West coast and you have a passion for proving to your parents I can survive on my own! this is the place for you also.
Clubs and Activities
The activity life here consist of partying and basketball, especially because there is no football team here. Along with partying and basketball we have many community service projects that are in constant motion and off campus activities that are always being planned.
Greek Life
We have many of the typical HBCU organizations along with a few home grown organizations and clubs. At Wilberforce many of the organization chapters hold a lot of historical meaning and value, making it a privilege to join an organization here. If there isn't an organization that you think fits you here, there is always the option of creating your own
Campus Safety
What more can be said about campus safety than there hasn't been a gun shot anywhere near the campus in years. The only threats to be face here at Wilberforce University is the occasional tornado warning.