Washington Adventist University
Takoma Park, MD, USA


Washington Adventist University

Jessica from Takoma Park, MD

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
here at this school you will have a wonder ful leraning experiance. not just mentally but physcially and spirtually as well.
Am enjoying being here
the reason i enjoy being here is the atmosphere is very friendly. The spiritual live is awsome. there are plenty of activies and groups to get involevd in at this school, and it is also very divers.
Bang for the buck
This university is worth every penny that you pay, so dont play around with your educaation .
Tips for prospective students
Always ask your professors for help when you need it. they are here for you and willing to take time out to help you.

Shawntez from Washington, DC

a current student here
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In three sentences
An amazing experience!
Tips for prospective students
Whatever you do, do with all of your soul.
Dorm Life
Can be challenging.
Food and Dining
What to do for fun
Acrosports/ Gymnastics
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Washington Adventist hospital
Clubs and Activities
African club
Pre-med club
music club
nursing club
Greek Life
Campus Safety
Police are on campus all day and night.

Liselle from Brooklyn, NY

researching this school
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Academic Rigor
I don't go to this school, but I see that this school is a very spiritual school where you will learn more God and interact with others. You will learn as much of you can no matter how hard the challenge is. Just make the best of it.
Will enjoy being here
You will enjoy this campus because when you enter, you feel like a different person and you will be ready to take the challenge.
Bang for the buck
This college may cost money but take your education seriously because you are bound to go to college, so just stay in school and learn as much as you can.
Tips for prospective students
Never let anything or anyone come in your way of achieving your goals