University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla
Aguadilla, PR, USA


University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla

Elsa from Puerto Rico

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences

It has excellent programs of biology to then enter medical school. Also used to make different multidisciplinary research in the sciences. And provide extracurricular activities that complement the studies.
Tips for prospective students
Students have to study every day. Do not get distracted by other things affecting or not leave out in study classes. And always be responsible at the University.
Academic Rigor
The University must study a lot for exams. It requires time and dedication for classes and get involved in activities that help one to take work experience in the field of science.
Dorm Life
Students who are staying have to provide you a bed to sleep and spend the days while they can go home. Arrive on time for their classes at the University and is responsible for the person to keep the bed clean and in order.
Food and Dining
There are different fast food restaurants that solve for the convenience of the student and there are also supermarkets in food for those who want to make their food themselves and have variety.
What to do for fun
My way of fun is doing exercises and reading to mind a day.