University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown
Johnstown, PA, USA


University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

Brooke from Lewistown, PA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
From my first year of experience, all of my professors tried their hardest to help their students understand the material. Many, if not all, of the professors have after class hours for students who need extra help. As long as you do the work required of you, you should walk away from each class with an understanding of the material.
Am enjoying being here
First of all, the campus is beautiful! It is set up on a hill and surrounded by trees, yet only a few minutes from many stores, restaurants, and etc.. There are many clubs and organizations that make an effort to get students involved on campus to make their college experience better. From the few clubs/organizations I joined my first year, I have made a few really good friends. The campus is also a very safe environment. If there is any type of threat or anything, even minor, the campus police send out emergency alerts to students via e-mail, text messages, and phone calls. The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is not only a good school for education, it is also a great place to put yourself out there and make friends that will last a lifetime.
Bang for the buck
Since Pitt-Johnstown is a public school, it is a lot cheaper than private schools that can offer the same education. However, with the Pitt name, it is a little more expensive than other public schools here in Pennsylvania. There are a few costly things that are a little outrageous. For example, parking permits, meal plans, and laundry. Shouldn't laundry be free at every school? Although there are some things that are pricey, the education and experience you can receive at The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is worth every penny.
Tips for prospective students
Don't just sit around your dorm room and watch television or play video games! To get the full college experience, join a club or organization. It is a great way to make friends, and without friends college can be a miserable time. Get your school work done first then have fun; make friends!
Great for these types of students
Pitt-Johnstown is great for students who come from a small town or city. Students who attend UPJ from a big city get bored sometimes. There is a lot to do around Johnstown, but just not as much as a big city. It is also great for students who are out-going and want to make friends.

Zachary from Bethel Park, PA

a current student here
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In three sentences
UPJ is a growing college that is continuously expanding among the many acres owned. Huge variety of clubs that make the college experience enjoyable. If I could choose any school to attend, I would not have changed my mind.
Tips for prospective students
Check the campus out for sure, and ask questions to your tour guides and the advisers you meet with. Look up all the clubs that are offered, you will meet your good friends there.
Academic Rigor
It is not that the academics are strict or necessarily hard, but the professors are very thorough with their lessons, and if you are unable to understand a concept the professors will sit with you one on one to help you.
Dorm Life
The freshman dorm rooms may be a tight squeeze, but the ski-lodge-like dorm promotes strong social interaction.
Food and Dining
This is a tricky one because I usually make my own food at school, but our school does offer a few great places to eat other than the main cafeteria.
What to do for fun
Join clubs, I am involved with 3 clubs currently. I would have been involved with more clubs if I had the time. Also, the school has Greek Life which many kids become involved with.
Bang for the buck
The level of help and effective teaching from the professors is an immediate quality that you will not find in larger schools. The food is quality (not jail-like) food, and the school offers many free trips to different cities and a spring concert.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
To the lack of many students knowledge, there is a old cemetery back behind the school, beyond the sports fields, down a bike trail among the many acres for you to explore.
Great for these types of students
Become involved with clubs.
Clubs and Activities
Previously explained, but once again GET INVOLVED WITH CLUBS!!! The are worth your time, and I promise you will not regret your choices.
Greek Life
There is Greek Life on campus, however I do not know how many of each Fraternity/Sorority there are.
Campus Safety
The cops are friendly and are constantly moving around. If the emergency button is pressed they are quickly on scene. They deserve much respect. (p.s. our campus is very quiet. not many issues.)