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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 302-831-8123
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

The University of Delaware is a very eye-catching institution. It boasts a beautiful campus that will hook you the minute you lay eyes on the main green. However, don't let it get to your head too much. Consider the majors you're interested in, as well as the social atmosphere of the school. It is a smaller state school than other Division I schools, but nonetheless just as competitive. Engineering, Business, and Chemistry are notoriously competitive majors here. Be ready to be up late for papers, studying, and socializing. You're best friends are your neighbors. The dorms contain a wealth of information helpful for surviving college.

If you ever struggle in a class, do not be afraid to schedule an appointment with an advisor or professor. They are your best friends. If they can't find an answer to your problems, they will find someone that can answer to you.
David from Fairfield, CT
Apply to the honors program; I'm currently in it and am enjoying the challenging and engaging classes. Honors students all live together, and it's really nice that on weeknights or Sundays, when we have to buckle down, we either sit in the hallway or the lounge and study together. We all might be stressed about classes and wanting to put off our work, but the fact that everyone around you is studying makes it easier. It's also nice to be able to knock on your neighbor's door and ask them to proofread a paper for you or answer a quick question. We lean on each other.
Maria from Long Island, NY
Academically, work hard, don't be afraid to ask teachers for help because THEY LOVE IT, it shows you're interested in their class and are working hard. Study a little bit here and there and don't push off that paper until the night before. It's just like your teachers in high school are telling you.
Socially, try out for a sports team or join a club. UD funds all sorts of clubs I've never heard of. Be it a' capella, the rubber chickens comedy group, swing dancing, environmental club, broom ball or other sports teams (intramural and club), there HAS to be something for you to do here. Plus, you make a lot of friends (there's a huge gathering of all the clubs your first day here).
Laura from Whitehall, PA
Do not be afraid to ask for help! The environment at the University of Delaware is very friendly, even when it seems intimidating, and any of the upperclassmen are always willing to assist whenever possible. The professors make it very easy to get help as necessary through their office hours, free tutoring sessions, and organized study groups. Everyone at the University finds a niche where they belong, so don't be scared of trying something new.
Don't bring a car unless you're sure you need one- parking is expensive, competitive, and far away. Also, Delaware is a great place, but you need to find a group of people you fit well with - - freshman housing is good because they try to match people with similar interests. And, as with any college, there's a lot of freedom to be yourself - but it's up to you to stay on track. And lastly, be prepared for every type of weather--it's quirky.
Some tips would be never wait til the last day to write your essays. It is possible but with all the other work you have to accomplish, it makes life much more complicated. Also, by a lanyard for your access card and key for your dorm, because it costs a lot of money to replace them and change the locks. Lastly, don't be afraid to get involved. I wish I was more involved my freshman year.
Deanna from Mount Royal, NJ
Make use of all the resources on campus. Many students don't step foot into the writing center, academic enrichment center or career services until their senior year. These are places that are there to help you from the start! Good luck!
Kalisha from Brooklyn, NY
Make sure the University understands your love of the school. While grades, GPA, and class rank are very important, the essay and recommendations are also highly considered in the decision process. I was actually wait-listed for the nursing program before writing Admissions a short e-mail explaining both my love of the University and my respect of its programs. Also remember to try and offer things other students can't. Display your talents, heritage, and interests as much as possible.
Sarah from Pennsville, NJ
i did really well in hs and i thought i'd have no problem in college, but i just finished my first semester as freshman here and my biggest tip is KEEP FOCUSED, you're in college for a reason. your friends live in the same dorm as you, so it's easy to get interupted and side traceked- BE STRONG! work first play later!.i promise, it's worth the hard work. classes here are not easy, it's not going to be a breeze so make sure you get ahead on your hw and study at least 3 to 4 days in advanced for a test. cram sessions aren't really that effective. of course you'll pull an all nighter or two for studying, but try not to make it a habit, you need your sleep. trust me!! eat right, do your work, hit the gym and get a good nights rest. you'll be happy you did when you get that 3.4 GPA if not better.
Cristina from Valley Cottage, NY