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What Students Are Saying

Definitely at least a dorm for the first year, especially if you're not from Tucson. You'll meet more people, get to know the campus better, and get more advantages than people who move there from out of state and have to worry about the commute, rent and utilities right off the bat. Do try to stay away from the larger dorms, unless you like to meet hundreds of people at once.

Try everything once. You only go through college once, and a little experimentation--both academically and socially--is the only way to fully take advantage of it all.
Alexis from Phoenix, AZ
Don't be afraid to apply from out of state, the out of state scholarship can take care of most or all of the difference between the two prices. Also live on campus the first semester and get a meal plan. There really are great food options on campus and it's a long way to the grocery store. Bikes help if you want to go off campus, but often get stolen especially if you're on campus it's cheaper to buy the bus ticket every once and a while. Don't bring a car traffic is crazy and parking is expensive, besides it's unnecessary everything's on campus.
Kristy from small town, NY
Live on campus first year. This is where you will meet some of your best friends and it is a awesome experience. Get involved in something that interest you! Go to athletic events! Come visit the campus in the Fall! This is some of the nicest weather and with football and school going to campus is in full swing! Summer campus tours are really hot and the campus may seem dead due to lack of people around campus.
Sarah from Scottsdale, AZ
Don't take two sciences or a science and a math at the same time. It is a lot to take on especially if you plan on working. Don't procrastinate! College takes away from your sleeping time so do work before hand and eat a health meal to get you through your day!
Really remember the saying: Social, School, Sleep. You only get two of the three, so which is it going to be? If you manage your time well, and do homework ahead of time, the weekends are relaxing, but if you procrastinate, it really gets you in the end. You're not in highschool anymore, so you really have to take control of your own learning now.
Marie from San Diego, CA
I highly advise the University of Arizona if you're looking into it, go for it! Make sure you get all your applications in on time and are meeting the requirements to get into the University, then you're all set.
Summer from Mesa, AZ
To future students, I would recommend a couple of things:
•If you're not from Arizona, be prepared for the heat. Buy plenty of light clothing to wear in the summer, and a light jacket for the winter. I personally wear basketball shorts year round and am comfortable even in the winter.
•Be prepared for anything when it comes to classes. Many of the classes will depend upon the teacher's style and requirements. The same course could just as easily be a class you sometimes don't remember you have, or the nightmare that has you working 2 hours a day on homework. If you are ready for either, you will succeed.
•Join clubs or organized sports. There are HUNDREDS of clubs and sports which you can participate in, and they are for all kinds of interests. The UA has a policy where you can even create your own club! Because of this, there are a wide variety to choose from and enjoy. They keep you active and give you a social foundation.
•Condense your schedule, and have it mid-morning to mid-afternoon. I currently do this, which is to say having my classes back to back and having them start around 9 or 10 and go until about 1 or 2. It is the most effective way to schedule. This way, you can get plenty of sleep, and still have a night to do things the day before class. When getting out at 2, you can complete your homework and have the rest of the day to yourself. It's a great stress relief and will keep you happy.
•Finally, get plenty of sleep and eat a good diet. These two things you might be thinking are only health related, but they're not. They are also school performance related. Getting plenty of sleep, which is 7-9 hours, is CRUCIAL. I went my first semester getting only about 6 hours of sleep, and I was always exhausted and couldn't focus. Eating healthy is the same deal. It helps your mind churn and keeps you happy. Many fear the freshman fifteen but with a solid eating plan and exercise I actually lost about 40 healthy pounds entering college!
Matthew from Tucson, AZ
make sure to check out the campus through a tour and join any clubs you are interested in.
brianne from phoenix, az
If you are planning on applying to the University of Arizona and you are from out-of-state, I suggest that you prepare yourself as much as possible for the heat, because it is HOT here, and you're going to need plenty of lighter clothes. And also prepare for monsoon weather, the rain can be very intense here.
Madeline from Denver, Colorado
Try to get a dorm on Highland. Unless you eat all the time, watch what meal plan you get because you can't downgrade! If you are interested in Greek Life, go for it! It's huge here and so much fun! Get you Zona Zoo pass so you can go to the football and basketball games, they are a blast.
Tory from Albuquerque, NM