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4 Year
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Small city
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Early Action Acceptance is not binding, but student will receive admissions decision earlier.November 1
Fall Regular DecisionDecember 15June 1
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November 1
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The college has rolling admissions, which means applications are accepted any time throughout the year.

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Average ACT Composite: 29
Average SAT Composite: 1276
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2.50 - 2.99
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$75k - $110k

Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 865-974-1111
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Apply early and look for scholarship opportunities. Housing is also important. I would advise to live on campus as a freshmen. It is a great way to meet new people and friends. Continue to work hard in high school. UT keeps raising their standards as years go by. For the most part, be yourself, and let the person you are shine through on the application. :-)
Brittany from Morristown, TN
The best tip for students looking at going to UT. Knoxville is to do a college visit because that is the only way you can really get a feel of the campus and the students that go there. Another great thing about U.T. Knoxville is Black board do not wait to get your user name and password straightened out because almost every teacher will post notes, homework assignments, or upcoming events that you will need to be aware of. The last tip is to make friends with your R.A it will come in very handy through the year.
Katie Walton from Lafayette, TN
If you're going to take a night class, be sure you have the motivation to go to it. Make sure to sell your books back at the end of the semester, ideally at a place other than UT's official bookstore because they pay the best. The library is a great resource for information, so utilize the library and the nice librarians! Talk to your professors and go to their office hours. It's nice to get to know them, especially if they can serve as a mentor for you, and it shows them you truly care about your education. Do all your homework before going out with friends, so you can socialize without the guilt! Talk to your academic advisers often. College is definitely an adjustment, and you will grow as a person.
Suzanna from Knoxville, TN
Don’t waste one second being unhappy and get involved with everything that interests you. Remember that everyone is in the same boat you are. Finding new friends, being independent from your parents, living in a new place, and making your own decisions are all characteristics of every college freshman. Don’t be scared, instead, be outgoing and open to the extraordinary. Many things will change you within your first year, but always be happy with who you are and who you become. Listen as well as communicate, attend events that interest you, get involved with some type of organization, be open to new ideas and always put school work first. You are first and foremost attending college to learn. College is about the experience and at the University of Tennessee you will get that experience so long as you soak it up.
Danielle Woods
-Be prepared: If you're one of those kids in high school like I was, studying isn't your favorite thing to do. College is a BIG step up and studying will make every class fly by easier.
-Communicate: Don't be afraid to be that kid who answers all the questions. You're in college to learn, and it really helps the teachers to know that you're learning, not just sitting there dead like everyone else can be at 8 in the morning.
-Socialize: It's college and you only live once. But do it wisely. Like your parents always warned you, watch out for the bad crowd. But make friends! College is an entirely different atmosphere than high school in that, for the most part, cliques are ignored! And having a good group of friends takes a load of stress off your shoulders when finals come around, or when you just need to talk. Plus, it's always great to be in the crowd that's going nuts on gameday.
-Again, be prepared: Nobody likes 8am courses. But chances are that you might have to take them because it's the only class open and you need it. But avoid that mindset. Instead think, It's 8am. All those annoying people that distract me aren't in here. It's all the smarter students that WANT to be here, those people who have the passion to do their work and follow their career choice. This may not be my best subject, but these people can help me and it'll be a lot easier for me to learn.
Christopher from Maryville, TN
Study hard! Ut does not mess around when it comes to academics. The professors and classes are not easy. The best thing that worked out for me was everything we went over in class that day, study the material until you feel comfortable. Another tip is stay away from the parties, alcohol, and drugs. Unfortunately UT has become a bit of a party school so do not let it interfere with your studies. Keep yourself grounded and focused, and you will come out just fine
Brittney from Knoxville, TN
- Make friends. They provide reliable help in classes and friendly faces around campus.

- Explore. Walk around campus in your free time and get a feel for where everything is. Be familiar with all the buildings, even if you have no classes there. You never know where you'll end up next semester, and it lowers stress to know where you're going before classes start up.

- Ask for help. This applies to all aspects of UT. Struggling in class? Get a tutor! They're free! Need advice? Counselors are there for you. Making an academic plan? Advisors are available all the time. Need money for school? Talk to the financial aid department any time.

- Learn the traditions. UT is rich with traditions. Learn Rocky Top, paint The Rock, and check out the Torchbearer. Learning about the meanings behind these and participating will add memorable experiences to your time here and bring you together with others, both past and present.

- Have fun! Enjoy your years at UT and have a blast, but stick to your goals.
Anyone wishing to attend UT should make sure they are comfortable with a university having a fairly large number of students. Even though there are many students that attend UT, the class sizes are small. In fact, some of my college classes have been smaller than classes in high school. Working hard and asking questions is essential to succeeding not only here but anywhere. Take a campus tour to get to know the campus a little better. See if you can talk to a student currently enrolled to find out even more about the campus because information from other students might be more beneficial than any pamphlet you receive.
Jakob from Dyersburg, TN
Morrill Hall is definitely the nicest (not the biggest, but the nicest) but Clement Hall or Massey Hall will give you the shortest walking distances to class (unless you're going to be on the Ag campus, in which case you'll want Morrill or Carrick). Don't be too proud to ask for help- college classes are an adjustment no matter how diligent and intelligent you are, and it's better to get help from the start rather than scrambling at the end of the semester.
Emily from Bartlett, TN