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Early Action Acceptance is not binding, but student will receive admissions decision earlier.October 15
Fall Regular DecisionDecember 1
Spring Regular DecisionOctober 15
Early Action for Engineering Majors only
October 15
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Average ACT Composite: 29
Average SAT Composite: 1296
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Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 979-845-1060
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

Get to know the face of the school--- not just what the website says. Go talk to the advisor for your prospective major in person and ask them why they chose their field. Sometimes learning more about what you want to do AFTER college can help you decide which college will help you. And, like I've said, make sure you like the environment. It's just as important to enjoy your college experience as it is to learn a lot from a good program!
Bryn from Dallas, TX
Apply early. I applied early December and got my acceptance letter in January. This gave me time to think about the decision I was about to make.

Join the Corps. The scholarship, guaranteed on-campus housing, academic support only available to corps members, and leadership training, not to mention the friends you will make, are so very important. Also, Aggie traditions are all based in the Corps, and those not in the Corps don't understand some of the most important aspects of being an Aggie.

Visit the college. I can tell you everything great about it, but you need to visit and make sure it fits you.
Jacob from Fairfax Station, VA
Don't be afraid to ask questions. Be it in the classroom or out. In class, asking a question could be the difference between a B and an A. By asking questions on campus you will find that you discover groups and activities to be involved in much faster. The nice thing is, here, no one gives you looks for being curious.
Lauren from Amarillo, TX
The best tips i can give to prospective students are to go where your heart wants you to go to school. Because if its what you want, then you will succeed at it. Also apply for financial aid in high school. There are so many more available scholarships in High school than when you are in college, so take advantage of it. And Last but not least, once you get into your school, get involved. You will meet so many different people with different backgrounds and people with similar goals and interests. It sounds so cliche, but it truly is very vital to enjoying college.
David from Pearland, TX
I strongly advise that you do the basic courses in community colleges and not at the University. It's alot more work and studying you have to do and just added stress you have to go through when you're trying to study for the more difficult courses such as Calculus or Physics. If you're one of those kids that are lazy and don't like to study, you're in for a big wake up call your first year of college. You'll realize that you have to change your study habits if you want to pass as the workload in college is overwhelming sometimes. My biggest advice would be to not fall behind and always study everyday. Even if it's only for 30 minutes or else you're going to be cramming it all the night before and I guarantee that you won't be able to cover everything. Oh, and don't study in your dorm or your apartment. Go to the library where it's quiet and in an environment where everyone else is working. If you're at home, there are so many things to distract you so doing it in the library will help prevent alot of the distractions. Hope this helped!
Johann from Killeen, TX
Take advantage of everything that comes your way here. The type of people I've met here and the experiences I've had already in only 1 year so far are the chance and opportunities of a lifetime.
Sean from Rio Rancho, NM
Apply early, and take advantage of AP testing - getting classes out of the way for free is invaluable! It has allowed me to focus on classes closer to my interests and my major. Also, put your heart and soul into that essay! It really counts!
Rebecca from Friendswood, TX
First and foremost, go to class. No class, no learning. Be prepared for the challenging workload and most importantly get out there and meet people. Just say howdy to next person you pass by.
Amanda from houston , TX
You will walk everywhere, but you'd be surprised how far you can get in 15 minutes.
Apply early, and apply for housing immediately. That application date is yours until you move off campus.
Food is great on campus, but it's better for you to get more Dining Dollars than Meal Trades.
Laura from Rowlett, TX
It's an awesome school. Definitely go here. If you're choosing between UT and A&M, don't even hesitate to pick A&M. I don't regret my decision for a second.
Use my edu.com to pick your professors. The reviews are really accurate and really help in picking the right teachers.
Learn to manage your time efficiently. This is NOT high school.
Bhagya from Katy, TX