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Early Action Acceptance is not binding, but student will receive admissions decision earlier.December 1
Fall Regular DecisionAugust 1
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The college has rolling admissions, which means applications are accepted any time throughout the year.

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Average ACT Composite: 26
Average SAT Composite: 1205
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3.50 - 3.74
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2.50 - 2.99
2.00 - 2.49
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Admissions Resources

Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 800-882-3456
For International Student Services: visit page
For Students with Disabilities: visit page
For Veteran Services: visit page

What Students Are Saying

If you get the chance to visit the campus try to visit each of the dorms, or at least talk to someone from each. Each dorm has a different personality and if you can get into the right dorm from the start Taylor's great. Also get in touch with professors from your intended major. They are more than willing to get you the extra information you might want. Also it helps you get connected in the department early which will make things easier for you if you do attend Taylor.
Heidi from Upland, IN
One of the best tips to pick up on quickly is to talk to students when you visit. Find out about daily life at the school. What is the typical life of living in ---- Hall? What types of clubs and organizations can I get involved with? Are classes hard? What's your favorite thing about Taylor? What's your least favorite thing about Taylor? Don't be afraid to ask questions! People will gladly open up to you about living at Taylor.

My second tip is this: don't be afraid to talk to professors about a major you are interested in. Be sure to get as much information as you can about the major before you decide on it! Acknowledge there will be parts about every major that you will like and you will dislike.
Amanda from Omaha, NE
I highly recommend you visit and get a feel for each of the dorms. Each dorm has its own personality, and finding the best fit for you will give you the best possible experience during the school year.
Jennifer from Charlotte, NC
Visit campus at least once if not several times. Spend a day at Taylor just exploring the academic buildings, eating in the dining commons, and meeting with some professors. If you have a good idea of what you may potentially enjoy majoring in, it is extremely helpful to meet with a few of professors within your areas of interest. Furthermore, spend a night in one of the dorms. Each dorm has a different personality; yet, each one is fun and welcoming in different ways. Spending a night in the dorm provides you with great insight into what campus life is really like. You are able to see different dorm set ups and what a typical night in the dorm consists of. If you choose to visit Taylor numerous times—which I highly recommend you do—try to stay in a different dorm each time. This way you can get a good feel of how different dorms on campus can cater to each individual’s personalities and likes. If you are seriously considering Taylor, also strive to get a reasonable score on your ACT/ SAT. Taylor takes these test scores very seriously and rewards students who achieve high merits both in high school and on these standardized tests. Even if this means that you must take these tests numerous times, getting even a few points higher can make all the different in the amount of your financial aid package. Taylor loves to provide money to high school students who have worked diligently to achieve good grades and high scores on the ACT or SAT. Take choosing a college seriously—if you choose wisely being a college student is very rewarding.
Crystal from Bellefontaine, Ohio
Apply for as many scholarships as you possibly can. You'll need them.
Peter from Rapid City, SD
Visit the campus, talk to the professors, consider what you're looking for! Taylor is awesome for people who are serious about learning, but want to develop their spiritual life, too.
Eric from Grand Rapids, MI
I'd advise you to get plugged in right away, but be able to say no to things. You do not want to overcommit yourself to things either.
Lawrence from Upland, IN
-If a class is 3 credit hours, it means you'll be in class for 3 hours a week (and should be studying for 6 hours a week).
-If your dorm isn't air-conditioned, bring at least one fan. My roommate and I have 5 and we're still hot.
-Your textbooks will be there for you on move-in day. Don't worry about getting them unless you want to buy them from a different service.
-Check your student email before coming to Taylor! It can be accessed through the Taylor portal.
-Taylor doesn't like to answer the phone in the summer. Be proactive and answer your questions before the school year ends.
Madeline from Columbus, OH
This is a Christian college and they tend to lean toward accepting those students that are at least interested in this faith. Admission counselors actually read your essays several times and question you about your motives for coming to Taylor (don't put hoopla in those essays). Set up a reading schedule before you get in college, and if you get your books early, READ THEM!!
Jason from Wheaton, IL
come to taylor if you want to find best friends that will stay with you for life and intentionally help you grow spiritually.