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Admissions: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

I know you've probably already heard this, in reference to your junior year or future college career, but you've probably heard it only from your parents or counselors, who went to college 20 years ago. But honestly, and really, do not let the work build up. Every time someone said that to me, I figured they were just talking about the college student who goes to school to party. I'm not that student, I'm the student who goes to learn, and I thought I would know better than these people telling me to study every day. I'm a hardworking student, but the kind that figures out what works best for her after spending some time in every new situation. I encourage that, but really, and as much as you've heard this before: When you're up at 3am studying and you have a final in five hours, you're gonna know that there was something else you could have done instead going to Marble Slab or that party or whatever.
Even if you don't want to take this to heart, at least promise yourself, that if you're not going to be the person who studies all day, do at least one-to-two hours more than you normally. Not all day, and not even consecutively, but that little extra ounce of work goes a long way.
Also, if you don't like your professor, this time, there's nothing you can do about it. You can drop the class, but if you don't , you're stuck with him/her and if you feel they're not treating you right, you can't go to the counselor to complain and make sure you don't fail. Hardly no one is running an interference with these professors, and you better be good from day one, because if you think you're the professor is the kind who will reflect their personal opinion of you in their grade, they probably will and no one will stop them.
Not to say that they are all scary like the movies and TV shows portray. Before I went to SFA, I was expecting all professors to make it clear from day one that you are nothing to them but an inconvenience and that they expect you to stay in line, or th...
Jennifer from Hitchcock, TX
It's going to be overwhelming at first, but everyone will get adjusted, make new friends, learn so much in a lifetime, and become a SFA Lumberjack! The best tip is to be optimistic to a new environment and the best will come to you. SFA is very home welcoming like I said earlier!
Tammy from The Colony, TX
Stay focus on what you are at college for. It is okay to have fun, but remember that you need to study and prioritize your assignments and personal activities. The campus has many trees and the landscape is very nice.
Douglas from Dallas, TX
Go to class and actually study. If you go to class you will get the material needed for the tests, and if you study there is no need for cheating. Surprisingly there is quite a bit of cheating in classes that you would not expect to find it, but unlike high school, the consequences and the punishment for cheating are greater and more severe. So as a responsible student just simply study. Study and review little by little everyday so when tests come, things won't feel so overwhelming and feel like it's the end of the world. Also be aware that there are cruel people in this world, and it is best not to trust anyone too quickly. A close friend of mine feel in the wrong hands of someone for blindingly trusting in them and got raped, so please, be responsible. Don't go out with anyone you meet. Get to know people first to avoid terrible things from happening to you.
Jazmin from Tyler, TX
Get to the movies early, if you are going to the cafeteria around noon send a friend to get seats early {it can get crowded if you don't come in early}.
Do not procrastinate when it comes to financial aid or signing up for classes. Get involved, and definitely visit your professors during their office hours.
Michael from Katy, TX
It's a very spirited school, Spirit Fridays every Friday, so bring purple! Although SFA will hand out several free shirts.
Come with an idea for your Major (you don't want to end up switching too late, like I almost did).
Get involved ASAP, you'll meet friends, and feel more a part of this wonderful community.
Find a niche to run around with- it's not hard, especially if you're involved in at least something, but once you do, it's the best feeling in the world.
Oh, and don't touch the squirrels! They eat blue M&M's, and skulls of creatures... they're scary.
Axe 'Em Jacks!!!
Sara from Lakehills, TX
Make sure that you are not coming to SFA to party because it will burn in the long run.
Go to as many review sessions and AARC tutorial as possible or even get together with a group of friends.
Make sure you stay on your P's and Q's because you never know if you have your mind set on an activity such frats or sorority.
Tamara from Dallas, TX
This is a really good school especially if you're going to be an education major.
Natasha from Pasadena, TX
Send your application and transcripts and stay on them about your admission status. I visited the university in person a few times to iron some things out. They often lose paperwork. Also, keep a copy of everything you purchase or pay for including parking tickets, tuition receipts etc.
Amy from Carthage, TX