St Bonaventure University
Saint Bonaventure, NY, USA


Key Academic Stats

Highest Degree Offered
Total Number of Students
Total Number of Undergrads
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Non Traditional Learning
  • Online Classes
  • Online Undergrad Degrees
  • Summer Sessions
  • Combined Institution Double Degree Programs
  • Some Programs Requires Co-Op/Internship
Learning Options
  • ROTC Army
  • Study Abroad
  • Honors Program
  • Teacher Certification Offered
Student:Faculty Ratio
US National: 21:1
Classroom Sizes

2-19 Students
20-39 Students
40-99 Students
Graduate in 4 Years US National: 28%
Graduate in 6 Years US National: 52%

Faculty Overview


African American
Asian/Pacific Islander

What Students Are Saying

What kept me from putting five stars here, while it pains me to say it, is that I do know students who coast through their classes here. Depending on your course of study and which professors you have, it is very possible for you to get a pretty light load, which can be a disappointment when you're paying for an education. However, as with most things, I guarantee you that with every class and every major here, you will get out what you put in. If you put your best foot forward and you go into your courses determined to do the work and do it well, your teachers will appreciate your efforts and do everything they can to help you and you will leave St. Bonaventure with a valuable, unforgettable education.
Julia from Woodstock, GA
Academic life is as easy or as difficult as you make it. This is true for any institution. The student is in charge of how many credits he or she takes, as well as the level of difficulty in the courses he or she selects. I find myself always challenged, but that is because I am willing to challenge myself academically. Currently, at Saint Bonaventure University I am taking 21 credits and am a member of the Honors Program.
Brianna from East Haven, CT
The professors are willing to help you. There are tutors willing to help and the student professor ratio is such that you can go to them anytime with questions and assistance. If you do your work, go to all your classes and study hard, you will succeed.
DANIEL from Rochester, NY
As with every college, some students choose classes that are easy and coast by. If you really want to, though, you can work with your faculty advisor to choose courses that challenge you and help you.
Alexandra from New York
I enjoyed my classes my first two semesters for the most part. They definitely pushed me and taught me many things about myself. I didn't enjoy a couple classes, but I've learned what I like and what I don't.
Arin from Depew, NY
you can make it as hard as you want.
eileen from west sayville, ny
If you do not give 100% in the Biology major say goodbye to your scholarships. Even in the core curriculum you still need to give it your all.
Alicia from Lynn, MA
The school is easy to get into, but difficult to stay. The classes are definitely harder then high school, but not impossible to pass. This school makes sure you are getting everything out of the classes and the school.
Shelby from Webster, NY