Southwestern Community College
Sylva, NC, USA


Southwestern Community College

Daniel from Bryson City, NC

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Going to Southwestern Community College has increased my knowledge on a lot of things. Although many people tend to write off community colleges as being a tier below a four year university, this school really does a good job in teaching you your needed curriculum. Since the class sizes usually tend to be below thirty people per class, teachers are always willing and able to spend one on one time with you and help you if your having trouble with something. There is a learning assistance center which has people who specialize in certain areas of work, so they provide all the help you can ask for. I can honestly say that even though I was an honors student in high school, I learned more in my first year of Southwestern Community College than I did all of my high school.
Am enjoying being here
I enjoy being at Southwestern Community College a lot. With the big age difference in students there, you can always find plenty of new and interesting people to talk to. There are only a few buildings which are located close to each other, so it is easy to find your way around if your new to the school. It is an overall good environment and most of the teachers do a great job in both teaching you the material as well as providing a good, qualitative learning area.
Bang for the buck
This is where Southwestern Community College excels the most. This school is very affordable, with in-state tuition being about $50 per credit hour. The books are on the expensive side, but this is the case with any school you go to. Once you have 16 credit hours you are no longer charged for extra hours, so if you have the time to take a bigger load of classes your saving yourself a substantial amount of money.
Tips for prospective students
First off, come in ready to work. Though you may be under the impression that school will be easy since it is not a four year university, you will have a good amount of work to do. It is challenging but most defiantly rewarding. If you are planning transferring with an Associate of Arts major, I would recommend you take at least thirteen to fifteen hours each semester so that at the end of your second year your not having to load up on extra hours and possibly over work your self.
Great for these types of students
This school is great for local students who like environments where they are free to receive one on one help with their teachers, get a good education and save some money by attending a quality school for a bargain.