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What Students Are Saying

Push yourself if you can, but do it for the right reasons. The people who enjoy their time the most here aren't the ones who just got straight A's to get into college - they did well because they enjoy doing well. Try to be well-rounded, but maybe concentrate your interests on whatever college you're interested in (for example, those going for the theater program should participate in high school productions if possible, those in engineering should get good grades in math, etc.) Don't limit yourself because you think you can't do it all!
Allison from Port Barrington, IL
1. Buy a heavy parka. You won't care about the fact that it is bulky and unfashionable when it's -30 degrees and everybody else is wearing one.
2. Expect to work really hard. There are very few classes that do not require at least significant effort for you to get an A or a B.
3. Say goodbye to straight As. Once you come here, those are a thing of the past.
Lynne from Cincinnati, OH
-Don't have too set of a plan of attack in terms of classes you want to take, major you want to declare, or clubs you want to join; everything is new freshman year, and you should allow yourself an adjustment period where you're not restricting yourself in any way.
-Identify your boundaries from the beginning. Lots of freshman say they're not going to drink, or they're comfortable having people in their room at any hour, etc. and then feel uncomfortable or regret things later. Establish your comfort levels and boundaries from the get-go so the friends you make can respect them.
-Specific to NU, don't be intimidated. It's stressful at first because the quarters go by very quickly, and you're at an academically acclaimed school where you may feel at times that you don't deserve to be. Admissions does not make mistakes; you are bright and have the school a lot to offer if you're there.
Claudia from Park Ridge, NJ
I am the only person from my high school who got into this school, so I don't know advice to give, seeing that I am the only person I know well enough to compare.

Load up on AP/IB classes if your school offers or requires them, don't slack off. Ever. Bad habits will form and transfer to college.

Continue your extracurriculars, and build on your longer-running ones. Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda (all the usual advice that everyone already knows about when applying to colleges).

Northwestern is expensive! APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS!!! That's one of my biggest regrets; not applying for enough money. Aim for the ones that are delivered to you personally, with no record that Northwestern can find out about (if Northwestern finds out you got a scholarship, they will deduct that amount from your financial aid)
James from Jacksonville, FL
Go ahead and apply, even if you think you can't get in. This may be perfect for you after all. Above all, don't sweat it.

Also, don't fret about the weather. You adjust.
William from Smithfield, VA
Take as many honors and advanced classes you can and get good grades. Take the SAT and SAT subject tests or ACT and make sure you fall at least in the average range. Also get involved with your school and participate in extra curriculars that you enjoy so you can talk about it in your application and show Northwestern what you can bring to the table.
Melissa from Florida
Jump in as soon as you get here! Never sailed? Try out for sailing team. Never thought you'd go Greek? RUSH. The greatest thing about my school is how open-minded and diverse the students are. I know fraternity guys who love their letters, but also work on film sets on the weekend or have been backpacking through Europe with nothing but a Kodak. Even people who seem like college stereotypes (and trust me, I have yet to meet one) are some of the most interesting people you will ever know once you get to know them.
B from RVA
Start your essays as early as possible, and have as many people read them as possible. Do not take the SAT/ACT more than twice. Northwestern is really looking for an excellent person aside from simple a 36 or 1600 on one standardized test.
Aurora from Madison, WI
get involved in something that will make your academic narrative exceptionally unique. the students who are the most open minded and well rounded will gain perspective on many levels and a gain in perspective is a new way to seek knowledge and creativity.
jeremy from naperville, il
Take advantage of free time to get ahead on school work. Quarters go by fast and before you know it you have three midterms in one week and not enough time to properly study. While stressful, with the quarter system you get through classes you may not like faster.
Naomi from Chicago, IL