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Northwestern College

Laura from Gretna, NE

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The professors have a deep desire to see your grow in and out of the classrooms. They know you by name, and if they don't; they're working on you. They want you to feel open and welcome to dropping by their office, their house or even calling their personal cell phone. These aren't just professors; they become friends, mentors and individuals you highly respect.

Classes are engaging, with very little down time; so class time moves quickly.

Am enjoying being here
There is ALWAYS something going on and so much to be involved in. The very first weekend following Freshmen Orientation is full with events for the notorious CLASH of the CLASSES in which each class competes for braggin' rights. (In 2010-11, the freshman class dominated for the first time in school history.) It doesn't stop there, high profile entertainers - think Hawk Nelson, Tim Halperin, David Dunn and the like - are brought in on a regular basis to provide concerts FREE of charge. Concerts aren't the only outlet offered. An annual dance crew competition called NBDC (Northwestern's Best Dance Crew) brings in a professional crew from the real ABDC (America's Best Dance Crew) to act as judges for crews NW students put together. Shortly after NBDC, it's time for NCDC Extreme; the American Idol-esque competition that pits talented Northwestern vocalists against, rival and neighboring school, Dordt College. The prize? $500. Northwestern College sophomore, Nicole Northquest, walked away with the cash at this year's competition.

If dances are your thing, don't worry, Ndub (the well-known and beloved nickname for Northwestern) has plenty of them. Impromptu dance parties occur nearly every night...ya' just gotta listen for the location and go! Organized dances are also held at Homecoming and Winter Formal. These events are well attended and an absolute blast to be a part of!

Events quiet down for the fall semester following NCDC, but be ready to jump right back in the swing of things following Christmas Break for RUSH, a student led and produced dance production held annually. Everyone who auditions is cast, and experience levels range from beginner to Broadway performer.

The Student Activities Council (SAC), headed by Lori Couch, does an excellent job in coming up with and promoting exciting events. It's rare for a student not to attend an event held by the SAC. Most of these are free of charge, but a few require a small fee; generally nothing m...
Bang for the buck
Northwestern is EXPENSIVE; however, do not be turned away by the high price tag. Financial aid is extremely accessible, and most students receive a substantial amount.

As far as classes go, you definitely receive what you pay for. They are challenging, yet intriguing and thought provoking.

The only drawback is the cafeteria food. But then again, what institution of higher learning actually has decent food?
Tips for prospective students
Apply early and utilize your admissions counselor to the fullest. They're extremely helpful and can connect you with a wide range of individuals actively eager to help you in your college search and accomplishing all that needs to be done to prepare for college.
Great for these types of students
High academic standards.
Want to be on a lively, vibrant campus.
Want professors/faculty involved in life outside the classroom.
Desire a strong sense of community.

Meghan from Yankton, SD

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The professors at this school really push me to learn all that I can. They want me to succeed. They are willing to help whenever I ask. It is a liberal arts school, so I'm learning many different subject areas. I have definitely enjoyed taking some of the classes outside of my major! As you take more upper-level classes within your major, classes get smaller and there is more discussion. I have even been in classes with just 2 or 3 students and the professor.
Besides learning a lot in my classes, I learn from the students around me. Everyone comes from different backgrounds. I can't count how many deep discussions I've had - discussions that cause me to think and reevaluate what I believe and why. When you see something from another person's viewpoint, it can change the way you think about the world around you.
Am enjoying being here
I love it here!!! From the moment I stepped on to campus when I was visiting that first time in high school, I felt that like place could be somewhere that felt like home. Now in my third year, this place DOES feel like home. My friends have become like family to me. People care about each other. My professors want to know me as a person, not just another face in the classroom.
There are always activities going on around campus during the weekends. There might be concerts or a dance or a game night. There are events like Bingo night where you dress-up as an old person, speed dating which is just a funny way to get to know some other people, NBDC (Northwestern's Best Dance Crew) which is groups of students who choreograph dances and compete for the top spot, and so much more! The dorms also do activities like having bonfires or inviting speakers to come. Within the dorm, individual wings plan events to help build community among those living together.
The campus also has a strong Christian feel to it. There is chapel on most days of the week as well as a student-led praise and worship service on Sunday nights. There are Discipleship Groups in each dorm that are like Bible studies with those you live with. Professors bring God into the classroom, too. People feel free to talk about God and are respected for different beliefs they may hold.
The word community is thrown around a lot here, (some may say too much) but it describes the environment so well! I know I am where God wants me to be right now in my life.
Bang for the buck
This school is expensive, but it's worth it! The professors are smart and passionate about their subject areas. The staff is helpful and friendly. The student body is tight-knit and welcoming. Plus, there is a lot of financial aid, and workstudy jobs are available to anyone on campus.
Tips for prospective students
Visit! Stay overnight! Visits are great and campus tours are helpful, but staying overnight in a dorm gives you a real feel for what college life is like. Talk to students. Ask lots of questions. The admissions office can help with most questions, but current students can give answers from their own perspective.
Great for these types of students
-Students who want to be known as a person, not just another face or number
-Students who enjoy being pushed academically
-Students who want to live in an amazing community of people
-Students who like going deeper in relationships
-Students who thrive in smaller class settings
-Students who would find comfort in a Christian environment


a past student here
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Did learn a lot
I was a student at Northwestern for my Freshman and Sophomore years... and I would say that those two years were the best and most challenging years of my life. My professors were interesting, lively, deeply caring, and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable.

In those two years, I learned more about our world, mankind, and MYSELF than I could have in any other atmosphere. Little NWC is the place to be.
Did enjoy being here

There is no place on Earth like this college. There is not a day that goes by that I don't reminisce of days at Northwestern. There was not a single thing I would change. I was genuinely loved and accepted by my peers, I was encouraged in my dreams, and supported through the trials and tribulations of life. The community at Northwestern is hard to explain, but is the type that everyone essentially needs in life.
Bang for the buck
Private Institutions = EXPENSIVE...

However, they are extremely generous with financial aid. I became friends with the employees of the Fin. Aid department because they would work with me PERSONALLY to help my in my financial situations. I am thankful that they saw me, as a person, with a difficult financial situation, rather than just a student ID number with a debt.

Bottom Line: I would pay that ridiculously expensive tuition ANYTIME just to be at that school.
Tips for prospective students
Remember to keep in mind what you truly NEED a college to be, and forget the frilly stuff.
Yes, Northwestern is in the middle of no where
Yes, Northwestern has far less than 5,000 students
Yes, Northwestern isn't near any huge metropolitan center or mall or Target... but it, literally, has everything else you could need.

-EXCELLENT Academics
-and more life-changing and FUN adventures that will create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.
-The best 4 years of intermediate life... then you become a real person:)
Great for these types of students
Apply to Northwestern if:
-You like people.
-You want to learn more than bullet-points on PowerPoints can teach
-You want life experiences to change you into a mature INDIVIDUAL in FOUR years.
-If you like to have fun
-You want to stay up late talking about life, watching movies, and cramming for tests at the local bakery at 3am.
-You see the world in it's present state and want to change it for the better.


a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I learn something everyday. I learn a different exciting thing about God and my faith. Also the professors are truely amazing and make learning fun!
Am enjoying being here
I have made a ton of friends the first week here! And everyday I am still making friends.
Tips for prospective students
Go to a college where you feel comfortable. It doesn't matter if the people are crazy there, what matters most is: do you feel comfortable here to be yourself!
Great for these types of students