Northeastern Junior College
Sterling, CO, USA


Northeastern Junior College

Michelle from Avondale, CO

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I am definitely learning a lot about horses and learning better training techniques. I am also learning a lot about all the aspects of the horse industry and about animal science in general.
Am enjoying being here
The dorms are really fun and we are all one big family. Everyone on the campus is nice to each other and there are a lot of campus activities that get everyone involved.
Bang for the buck
NJC has the best bang for my buck. I could be at a different college and pay 4 times what I'm paying here for one semester. This is definitely a good choice in means of bang for your buck.
Tips for prospective students
Don't be afraid to make friends and come out of your shell. Most of all have a good time!!
Great for these types of students
I think NJC is a good choice for everyone.

Gary from Broomfield, CO

a current student here
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In three sentences
NJC is in a small town, so it is easy to get around, even without a vehicle. The class sizes are small and are more on a high school class setting. There are plenty of activities to do around campus and plenty of clubs to join
Tips for prospective students
Remember NJC is a junior college, not a four year university.
Use the resources that are available for help. there are dorm rooms available on campus.
Academic Rigor
NJC is basically a continuation of a good high school. Lots of smaller schools do not have some of the classes or the same teaching as some of the bigger high schools. This is aggod school to prepare yourself for a real college life.
Dorm Life
The dorms are located around campus and are very close to any areas that have activities or classes in them. There is anew dormitory that was finished in Fall of 2011. All of the dorms are mixed sex except for Dowis
Hall, which is women only.
Food and Dining
there are plenty of resturants and stores for people to buy or make their own food. there is also on-campus food and an on campus cafe. the cafeteria is all you can eat.
What to do for fun
On Tuesdays, there is a $2 bowling night, plus money for shoes. On Thursday there is a $2 movie night at the local theater. There are plenty of activities and clubs that are planned and hosted every week.