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What Students Are Saying

If you are in the midst of your high school career, keep your grades up and stay involved. NYU generally doesn’t conduct individual interviews, so you need your application to shine among the tens of thousands that flood the Admissions Office. Apply to the NYU school that you want to apply to – i.e. don’t go to College of Arts and Science if you fully intend to transfer to Stern. Internal transfers are not necessarily easier. Carpe diem, baby – just follow your passions. If the college application process has finished (congratulations, hope it didn’t drive you too mad), then it must be decision time. This may seem obvious, but if you do not like the city, NYU is probably not for you. I’ve met several first-years who chose NYU despite their dislike for the city, and then ended up hating their entire experience. You have to understand that the closest thing to a quad you will get is Washington Square Park: a former burial ground. Take the time to visit NYU, make sure you can see yourself living there for four years. Talk to current students, stay overnight, sit in on a class, talk to faculty, do your research, get all of your questions answered. Every school within NYU has its own specialization/field. Whether you are dead set on what you want to study or you have no idea – there truly is a place for everyone. Keep your passions within reach, allow your education to serve as cornerstones for your career path, but look into the arrays of classes and leave some room for exploration.
Lana from Tenafly, NJ
You're not going to school because you need to, you're going to school because you want to. Because you won't be satisfied with a life less rich than it could be. Don't settle for being comfortable and don't be intimidated out of being the person you are. You are doing what you want, and not what you're told. If you're going to a large school, in a large city you should be most eager to learn more about yourself and be prepared to accept things you did not know.
Luke from Spokane, WA
VISIT THE SCHOOL. Make sure it is what you want. NYU is a totally different atmosphere than any other school and it is not for everyone. Although, we do welcome those of all shapes and sizes.
Stephanie from Great Neck, NY
the school is not cheap. new york is a tough city and students must be independent, hard workers to make it in the school, and especially in the city upon graduation. nyu and nyc are not good places to mess around. you've got to be serious. and for the amount of money you're paying, you should be. and most likely if you got in, you will be.
Isabella from Los Angeles, CA
The first few days are tough because you don't know anyone, but neither does anyone else. Once you get into your schedule, you'll start picking up friends according to what you like, such as in class, clubs and sports. And if you're introverted, it won't really work here, because with so many students you need to speak up and make yourself stand out. Also, make sure you take full advantage of your resources. NYU has so many resources, and the job market is competitive, so you should try and make yourself more interesting by taking up activities and getting relevant experience under your belt. College grades DO matter, especially when you're an undergraduate and you will probably change your major. When you go into college, maybe you think you're going to major in something simple where grades don't matter, but maybe after a year you'll realize you want to be a doctor and have to apply to medical school. Always remember why you're paying $56,000. If you're going to goof off, go to a cheap school.
-Don't procrastinate, you're only going to hurt yourself.
-If you live in the city, COMMUTE.
-If you commute, avoid taking 8 AM classes.
-Learn time management skills.
-Really get to know your professors.
-Forge friendships. Really.
-Work both academically and non-academically. Like find a job.
Henry from New York, NY
When you come to New York, be ready for extreme variations in temperature and weather when you go outside. If you come from the sunny South, then it might take a while to become used to the gloomy, wet, and dark weather that engulfs the city during the winter. Unless you are in the park, the tall skyscrapers will block most of the sunshine, if any. However, the campus is surrounded by a remarkable patchwork of boutique shops, eccentric lounges, and curio shops. There is more than enough for you and a group of friends to stroll through for many semesters. However, be accustomed the possibilities of the night life; it is not a joke that there are odd people and odd things that appear when the sun sets. Because NYC has such a well-developed infrastructure, take it upon yourself to explore the city, and the landmarks. In all honesty, I'm not going to repeat the same answers given by school officials. Living here, you will see that every stereotype of New York City is true. It is the world's craziest city, and all your perceptions and notions of what it is, are indeed true.
Ian from Marietta, GA
First and foremost, be sure you consider all that NYU has to offer from every possible source you can find. It's a great help to read-up on the website, talk to current/past students, send in requests for brochures, and actually visit the campus. Do not allow any one factor to deter you from what I believe to be one of the most prestigious universities in the country. The cost to attend is pretty steep for the typical family, but NYU is great about really assisting where possible in financial aid. Don't be shy about reaching out to local organizations, businesses, and even your high school (guidance counselor/school-to-career coordinator) for scholarships. Usually, when they see a motivated student, they are more than happy to help out. If you're unsure about what you want to do, NYU is a great place to really find yourself. The school is set up in such a way that you can take a wide variety of courses so if you don't know where you're headed exactly, don't worry. And New York City is a wonderful place to just be YOU! Any and everybody is accepted here and NYU falls into that same quota. You can be who you are and not worry about people judging you. Diversity is not only accepted here, but encouraged. Please, just be sure not to let one sole reason make or break your decision to attend. Consider all things possible and go with what feels right. Sometimes, when visiting the campuses of your college choices, you can instantly feel if you're going to be at home when you attend! Good luck!
Naja from Newark, NJ
If you consider a good college experience to be frat parties, tail-gating sporting events and bro-culture then this is not the place for you. NYU is a college in and of the city so expect to have to make your own fun. You have the whole city to explore, use it.
David from Boston,MA
When you apply, include every positive aspect of your life in your application. NYU looks not only for high academic progress, but it examines every candidate holistically and want their students to be diverse and passionate in their interests and abilities.
Teodoro from New York City, NY