Murray State College
Tishomingo, OK, USA


Murray State College


from Lone Grove, OK

Current student

How are you enjoying your time at this college?

I love it here. Since I’m from a small town, I didn’t want to attend a university right out of highschool. I feel this was a perfect place to start the transition to prepare for a senior college

How would you describe the dorm life at this school?

The suites are typically 4 or 5 girls to a suite, everyone gets their own bedroom, and you just share a bathroom. They are also clean and comfortable.

Kristin from Ardmore, OK

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Love it there!
Am enjoying being here
I've learned alot just in one semester
Bang for the buck
Wonderful opportunity
Tips for prospective students
Meet Kirk Rushing, financial aid advisor, he is wonderful to help!
Great for these types of students
Area students that live at home with parents

kyla from arlington, tx

a past student here
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In three sentences
msc was definitely a learning experience! the professors took their time with you and showed you the ropes but it was up to you to do what is necessary to pass the classes. welcome to adulthood!
Tips for prospective students
be on time, do you work, and pay attention during class.
Academic Rigor
you had classes that were difficult, of course, but it wasn't anything so hard that if you put your mind to it, you wouldn't be able to pass. plus, there were tutors always available for a helping hand as well as the professors during their office hours.