Moody Bible Institute
Chicago, IL, USA


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Student:Faculty Ratio
US National: 21:1
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Graduate in 4 Years US National: 28%
Graduate in 6 Years US National: 52%

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What Students Are Saying

Moody is renowned for its ability to teach the future generation solid, biblically based teaching and my experience so far has been just that. I came to MBI (the Spokane campus) with quite minimal knowledge of the Bible. In fact, I don't think I've even read THROUGH the Bible at that point. However, since then I've been learning from world-class teachers. Teachers who have been in Jerusalem excavating actual biblical sites and teachers who have studied AND taught at Oxford and are currently translating Eusebius' commentary on Isaiah from Greek to English for the first time. (Sounds like a big deal, huh). Yet all these teachers care about you. Personally. And are willing to go get a cup of coffee with you just to talk (if you pay of course! :) ) Needless to say, when you come to study at Moody, you tap into a world class arsenal of Biblical teaching and knowledge with Christ being at the very core.
Ryan from Gilberts, IL
I’ve noticed that Moody is a more tough than most colleges when it comes to academic rigor. As it should be. What we are learning is literally the most important thing to be learning. It should be hard and it should be thorough. However, there are professors who will help you and there are resources available if academia is not your strong point.
Nathan - New Port Richey, FL
A curious mind is a must.
Laurel from St. Louis, Missouri
They give you a very full, but a very good syllabus.
Elisabeth from Prophetstown, IL
Lets face it, Moody is KNOWN for its Academic Rigor that produces a Man or Woman that is HIGH DEMAND by both professional and missional organizations. You will study hard, grow leaps and bounds in your learning and understanding of God and his word, and be truly transformed into the who you have been destined to become.
Melinda from Chicago, IL
Moody is very stretching. Lots of reading, projects and other assignments in general.
Bianca from Chicago, IL
The professors at Moody strive to ensure a quality education. A student going into Moody must be prepared to be challenged in course work and an incredibly difficult grading scale.
Arielle from Walworth, WI
Professors expect the most out of their students so they will challenge you academically, but also help you in areas of need. Grading is tough but you will learn a lot; the teachers really want you to learn things that are relevant and important, not just have you spit back information.
Natalia from Spokane, WA
The classes are amazing and I love my professors! Michael Orr is my favorite so far because, though his class is challenging, he absolutely cares that you are growing into everything God wants you to be. Though your grades are of significant importance your relationship with God is even more. Also, watch out for syllabus shock, it's a doozy.
Emily from Gilmer, TX
Very academically challenging... a 93% is a B+.
Jesse Ann