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Miles Community College

Lindsey from Columbus, MT

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In three sentences
Miles Community College is a wonderful place for students looking to begin their post-secondary education goals. The campus creates a sense of family by giving one-on-one special attention to students. Starting at MCC will allow you to receive help to continue your goals as well as save you money, and bring you almost anywhere you choose.
Tips for prospective students
As a student ambassador, I highly recommend that prospective students immediately set up a campus tour. Because MCC is a smaller community, the tour is personalized for you. A student leader on campus, usually an ambassador, gives you the second half of the tour so that you can ask the 'real' questions such as what is campus life like, and what kinds of things do students do for fun. Often times, students see what the school wants you to see. Through these individualized tours, students are able to better relate to the students and their experiences.
Academic Rigor
Each program is very different, and has a separate set of coursework that students must complete. The general Associate of Science and Associate of Art degrees have some of the same requirements. There is some leeway as to what courses you take in order to fill each requirement. If you are seeking out a bachelors by transferring, you are not limited to the bare minimum course requirements. For instance, someone looking to transfer to an engineering program can fulfill the necessary math core requirement by taking Calculus. For those students wishing only to receive their Associates in business could fulfill their requirement with accounting or statistics. With such flexibility, almost anyone can start at MCC.
Dorm Life
As a Resident Advisor on campus, I am well equipped to speak about the dorm life. We are a small community of about 175 students. We have one dorm building with two floors, and 3 quad buildings with 4 separate housing quarters in each. Each fall and spring, we host the wagon wheel. During this, the RA staff and MCC faculty help the students move their thing into their rooms. A barbecue is held afterward so that the students can mingle. We host several activities for the residents such as dances, bowling nights, movie nights, and sports tournaments. The first three days of school are dedicated to helping the students get to know each other and the people that they can come to when they need help with anything. We even sponsor study nights in which those students in need of help can have free tutoring without leaving their living space. Perhaps the only problem is that students become too close with each other. We are very much like a large family that has its share of loving moments and also disputes. I strongly recommend our dorms for students that would like to have a strong support group.
Food and Dining
Our food and dining is limited as compared to larger universities. We have a cafeteria that has a special for the 3 main meals of the day. It also serves as a grocery stores by selling things like pop, water, chips, candy, nuts, and other snack items like frozen pizzas, hot pockets, ice cream, and numerous packaged sandwiches. There is an all day salad bar and sandwich bar. The grill is also an option. From the grill, you can order things like burgers, chicken, several different fry options, bread sticks, pacos, and grilled cheese (etc). For such a small campus, our cafeteria serves us very well. The campus is also located one block from many of Miles City's restaurants as well as Walmart and Albertsons.
What to do for fun
Like any college town, having things to do is very important. Although small, there are a variety of options for things students can do. Next to all of the campus clubs you can join, and all of the events put on by the Resident Advisors and Student Senate, there are several things students can do. If you like the outdoors, you can enjoy one of the many recreational areas near Miles City including Strawberry Hill, Spotted Eagle, Pirogue Park, numerous river accesses, and Fort Keogh. Swimming, hiking, and spelunking are just a few things accessible to students. There are also numerous parks within the town. Bonfires are a big hit with the students during week nights. Makoshika State Park, land of the dinosaurs, is only an hour away. Bojangles is a dance club and bar if you love to dance. If you really love to dance, Billings is just a short distance away and hosts several different dance clubs. Possibly the biggest hit with the students here is the Carlin Hotel parties that are hosted for every event imaginable.
Bang for the buck
By attending Miles Community College, and then transferring to a four year institution, a student can save about $14,000. Also, because the college is so small, there is a very good chance that you will get financial aid and the option of work study. They are very good about helping you get a job on campus and working with your hours even if you are not awarded work study. You also have a very good chance of getting a scholarship. Everything here is relatively less expensive than a traditional university, but you obtain the same requirements you would during the first two years at a university.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Perhaps the most unusual tradition at our campus is the chocolate slip-n-slide. Every fall, right before school starts, the dorms hosts a chocolate slide in which everyone is invited to cool off from the summer heat. It is always a lot of fun and a bit hit with everyone. It was interesting for me to see the apprehension during both years I attended MCC. You are basically all thrown into an awkward situation with people you just barely met. People look at each other as if to say, you first. Once the first person has gone, everyone goes wild and the awkwardness almost completely disappears. It is a way for students to get to meet each other, as well as bond.
Great for these types of students
Miles Community College is a great college for anyone looking to get an education while knowing that they are supported by their peers and faculty/staff. The support group here at MCC is something you won't find just anywhere.
Clubs and Activities
For a small community, MCC offers a number of clubs for students including PTK, Student Senate, Ambassadors, Rodeo Club, Ag Club, and Campus Ministries. Ping pong is also an option but not an official group on campus. You may also engage in men's league basketball, volleyball open gym, City League, and a variety of gym activities that are free to all students including yoga, pilates, boot camp, and weight lifting.
Campus Safety
Our campus is very small, but safety is our number one concern for others. All doors remain locked to ensure that no-one without keys enter. The office desk sits right next to the door and is staffed from 8:00am-1:00pm. Anytime that a student needs help, they can call the RA cell phone number which is posted in each of their wardrobes and on the bulletins around the dorms and commons areas. The town has a low crime rate and the police station is located on campus.