Medaille University
Buffalo, NY, USA


Medaille University

Sarah from Gasport, NY

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
The content of the classes at Medaille varies widely, but I have learned a lot! The biology courses are very demanding and contain a significant amount of information, but the professors will give you the tools to succeed.
Am enjoying being here
Although I originally chose Medaille for their reputable vet tech program (I was a vet tech/biology double major), I have since changed my major twice but I feel that I made a great choice of college regardless. I am now majoring in Liberal Studies, which gives me the option to choose from a wide range of interesting classes. I have made several very close friends, and everyone I meet on campus is very friendly and helpful! I love the close-knit, family-like atmosphere of Medaille and the professors are great!
Bang for the buck
Medaille offered me a substantially better financial aid package than all of the other schools I applied to, both private and public. They have excellent merit-based scholarships, and seek out the maximum federal and state grants available for each student. I had problems with my FAFSA as a freshman and had to fill out an amended tax return; the financial aid office was very friendly and helpful, and worked to get me the most money possible.
Tips for prospective students
Medaille does not offer many majors, but the reasoning behind that is that they offer the best available program for each major available, so you need not question the strength of any particular concentration. The vet tech program in particular is very popular. All students have the opportunity to complete some type of internship or field experience prior to graduation, which is indispensable experience.
Great for these types of students
Vet tech, sports management, communications, undecided or liberal studies majors... anyone really! Amazing school:-)

Alyssa from Rochester, NY

a current student here
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In three sentences
medaille college is a small school, which ultimately gives you a chance to know your fellow students and teachers on a personal level. this school is great because the size allows for small walks, and a very fun and exciting location. the classes and teachers are great band most teachers will know you personally and go out of their way to have you pass.
Tips for prospective students
make sure you are prepared for the college level of work, and don't be too freaked out because medaille is a college but still has some of the feel of a high school.
Academic Rigor
medaille is hard for me due to me major, but all of my friends have been able to manage passing their classes and staying on top of work without being too overwhelmed.
Dorm Life
dorm life is really great, the dorms in south hall are very spacious and allow you and your other roommate to have a nice bathroom. also in north there are suites/apartments with kitchens that you can apply for. dorming allows for new friends and relationships with people you don't have class with.
Food and Dining
the food is actually good, yet a little pricey the staff works hard and loves what they do, most of them know familiar faces and they try their best to make and serve food for us.
What to do for fun
there are a lot of sports so games are fun, good parties and a very enthusiastic sga and student activities board that allow for several get togethers and events on campus.
Bang for the buck
the medaille experience is really worth the money, in my perspective i have been and will continue to get the bang for my buck.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
the quad on campus is a nice grass area to sit and relax.
Great for these types of students
students who don't like big schools, and students who don't enjoy change.
Clubs and Activities
there are so many clubs and activities to do on campus, sga, leadership, i couldn't name them all because so many posters and fliers are out there. if you have a hobby or interest there is most likely a club for it .
Greek Life
there is not anything on campus but there are fliers that go around talking about sororities .
Campus Safety
public safety is just seconds away from campus, so there isn't a problem with safety.

Kelly from Hamburg, NY

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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Will learn a lot
I am starting classes in the fall and I hope to learn alot that will help me on the road to becoming a veterinarian.
Will enjoy being here
I love the campus and the people I've met so far all seem nice.