Magdalen College
Warner, NH, USA


Magdalen College

Cappex from Warren, MA

researching this school
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In three sentences
Northeast Catholic College is a vibrantly Catholic and academically rigorous small college. It's beautifully located, has an active and amazing student body, and a true Catholic culture. I guess it's pretty much exactly what a Catholic college should be.
Tips for prospective students
Definitely come and visit!
Academic Rigor
It definitely is a rigorous education- the classes provide a really heavy work load, but are thought-provoking and form you mentally and spiritually.
Dorm Life
The dorm buildings are small, but pretty well-kept. There are also chapels with the Blessed Sacrament in each dorm.
Food and Dining
Might be repetitive, but not bad.
What to do for fun
The student body is really active, and there are frequent dances and parties. Also a free pass to Pat's Peak has been included with admission the last couple of years.
Greek Life


a past student here
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Academic Rigor
The curriculum here at Northeast Catholic College focuses on incorporating what you discover into real life. You not only learn about "philosophy" but how to wonder yourself. You read about love, but then are constantly given the opportunity to practice it by caring for the community here, your individual friends, the faculty and staff, even the campus itself. Each course reveals something new in the other courses you take, forming a balanced, integrated education.