Klamath Community College
Klamath Falls, OR, USA


Klamath Community College

Kendra from Klamath Falls, OR

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I have been attending KCC for a couple of years now and so far I have only had positive experiences. The professors are willing to answer questions and meet with you to help you clear up any confusion. Also, KCC has many tutors available at various times to assist you.
Am enjoying being here
I like the campus of KCC. I enjoy that the classes are so small that the instructors know you by name. Also, they are expanding their buildings to accommodate new students. Which is great because the student body grew rapidly.
Bang for the buck
I am happy that I chose to attend a Junior college first. This allows me to receive the same education that I would at a four year university for less cost.
Tips for prospective students
I would recommend meeting with the advisors in student services. They are very knowledgeable and helpful!
Great for these types of students
I think that KCC caters to most types of people; full-time, part-time, high school, etc. I started attending KCC when I was still in High School because they offer a High School Transition program; this is a great way for High School students to earn college credit for a less expensive rate!
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Karen from Dorris, CA

a current student here
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In three sentences
Excellent place to further your education. The instructors are very approachable. The programs the school offers are designed to help their students succeed.
Tips for prospective students
If you have problems, do not become combative with the instructor, get them to help you understand what the problem is and then work on it with tutors and fellow students.
Academic Rigor
This school has excellent programs; such as TRIO SSS that is there whenever a student needs any type of help to succeed.
Dorm Life
It doesn not have a dorm I am aware of.
Food and Dining
I have only had issue with one employee but other than that I would have to say the Badger Cafe is an excellent and affordable place to eat.
What to do for fun
I live over 30 miles from school and don't have time for the extra curricular activities yet but they have mixers and other community activities I look forward to participating in.
Bang for the buck
It's definitely worth the cost. The classes are small and personal.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
I've only been here for one term so I can't answer this yet.
Great for these types of students
It is a great school for all types of students.
Clubs and Activities
Unknown at this time. But there are many different ones to choose from.
Greek Life
Campus Safety
The safety at this school is excellent. Approximately every 100 feet is a security post. If you feel endangered all you have to do is press a button and it will call a security guard immediately.
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