Galveston College
Galveston, TX, USA


Galveston College

Brianna from Galveston, TX

a current student here
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In three sentences
A fun , hip place to learn. People are friendly and understanding as well as thoughtful. Its a great place to ease into the college life.
Tips for prospective students
Take it nice and slow and don't take to many classes in the first semester!!
Academic Rigor
This school always keeps me on my toes and learning.
Food and Dining
the college has a great caferteria with wonderful food and nice poeple working there everyday school day.
What to do for fun
Take a walk in the courtyard, or just look out the school widows at the beach , its a wonderful calm , relaxing school enviorment.
Great for these types of students
late bloomers
Campus Safety
Always security around the school , everywhere.