Cuyahoga Community College District
Cleveland, OH, USA


Cuyahoga Community College District


from North Olmsted, OH

Current student

In which ways do you feel you are learning and growing?

I feel like I am learn and growing academically, as well as becoming independent and a leader.

How are you enjoying your time at this college?

I am really enjoying my time at this college. I never thought that in going to a community college I would get free tuition and a free trip to France.

What tips can you share with prospective students?

One tip I would share with prospective students is that they should apply to the Jack, Joseph, and Mortan Mandel Scholars Academy. This scholarship gives you enough money to cover your first two years here. It is also requires that you take three specific classes that include: The Individual in Society, History of Cleveland, and Community Engagement. These classes are designed to make you a future leader of Cleveland. They really make you grow as a person and leader. With this scholarship, you also have a chance to apply to go on international and non international trips. For example, I got to go to France with 7 other students for free! If I didn’t apply for this scholarship, my whole experience here would have been different.

How would you describe the dorm life at this school?

This school does not have any dorms.

How would you describe the food and dining options?

The food and dining options depend heavily on the campus you go to. The Westshore campus have only a few dining options and is very minimal. The Eastern and Western campus have much more dining options as they are bigger campuses. I’ve never seen the food options for the metro campus but I’m assuming they would have a good amount of food options too since it is a bigger campus as well.

In your experience, what is there to do for fun at this college?

I am constantly getting emails about different events and activities that are happening. There is always something going on at each campus. For example, last fall the Westshore campus had pumpkin painting. Also at the end of the semester the campus bookstores had games where you could win prizes.