Contra Costa College
San Pablo, CA, USA


Contra Costa College

Mia Janay from San Pablo, CA

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Contra Costa often gets overlooked because it is a community college, but I have a different opinion about this school. Contra Costa is a great school! In my two years that I've been here I have learned so much. I feel like I have been prepared with the knowledge and tools I need for the next level in my educational journey, and Contra Costa has certainly helped me do that.
Am enjoying being here
I do enjoy going to Contra Costa. I think the campus is pretty, the student atmosphere (for the most part) is relaxed, and the professors are always available during their office hours. College is what you make it and I have made Contra Costa an enjoyable experience for myself.
Bang for the buck
Being that Contra Costa is a community college, you will certainly be getting the bang for your buck! I'm pretty sure I have saved thousands of dollars attending Contra Costa for two years, rather than going to a state school or private school for two years. Also, the Financial Aid Office is pretty helpful here and there are several other sources if more aid is needed.
Tips for prospective students
If you're thinking about Contra Costa, get things done early (applying, registering for classes, paying fees, etc.), be patient (the process can be tedious, but it's worth it in the long run), and keep in mind that it is another stepping stone on your path to success! Also, use your professors. They are there to help you so GO see them and ask questions. I have found that to be the most essential tip for prospective students.
Great for these types of students
- Students that are interested in getting their general education from an accredited college.

- Students that are trying to transfer to a four-year institution

- Students that are looking to get back into school and pick up a few classes to clean the cob webs in their noggins

Ayanna from richmond, CA

a past student here
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Did learn a lot
I took my basic sills classes,& business
Did enjoy being here
yes it was a wonderful experience
Bang for the buck
need financial aid
Tips for prospective students
stay focused & complete as much as u can to reach your goals study
Great for these types of students
always be prepared & listen make sure u understand your instructor