Carl Albert State College
Poteau, OK, USA


Carl Albert State College

Katelynn from Poteau, OK

a current student here
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In three sentences
Carl Albert State College is affordable for every student. We have every kind of student ranging from international students, to students who have lived in the area their whole lives. Whether you are looking for a laid back atmosphere or a more involved lifestyle, everything is available at Carl Albert!
Tips for prospective students
Get involved with one of the great clubs that are at Carl Albert, there are so many to choose from and it really gets you involved.
Academic Rigor
Some of the classes are easy, but you will find others that are challenging, and there is a wide selection of different classes to choose from!
Dorm Life
I live in the dorms, and while they are older, it is a nice place to live. There aren't to many people so you have some space and you only have to share your room with one other person.
Food and Dining
The food could be better, but it is good. It can kind of get repetitive but it is all you can eat, so you can go back for seconds or until you are full. They also always have a salad bar and ice cream machine so there is something for everyone there.
What to do for fun
Join clubs, it keeps you involved and you get to meet new people. There are usually one or two activities a month that are paid for by the college for the students to go to like watching a movie at the theater, or bowling. Also there are baseball and basketball games people can watch, and if they really want to get involved they can join an intramural sport!
Bang for the buck
This school is where you get the most for your money. It is one of the cheapest tuitions in the state, and the classes are great. You really learn in the class room and they are smaller classes. If anyone is looking for a great inexpensive school they need to check out Carl Albert.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
I'm not sure if it is unusual but it is fun. We have a club called the VIKES club, because we are vikings, and at the basketball games we have theme nights where members of the VIKES club dress up in that theme. For example one night is toga night!
Great for these types of students
This is a great college for students on a budget, students looking for smaller classes, and students looking for a quality education.
Clubs and Activities
There are so many clubs to join! I am a scholar student so I am a leader in the school. I am involved with the VIKES club, the American Indian Student Association, and the Mentor program.
Campus Safety
There are always two or more patrol cars patrolling at all times no matter what time of day or night.