Camden County College
Blackwood, NJ, USA


Camden County College

Christina from Sicklerville, NJ

a current student here
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Academic Rigor
the learning quality of the school is probably not what you would receive at a top-star university but i, personally, have learned a lot since entering my freshman year. i think the advanced levels of certain classes are well justified and the workload is expected and sometimes beyond what a college-level class should be.
Am enjoying being here
The environment is wonderful. We are surrounded by beautiful buildings, green fields in the Spring and Summer, oranges and yellows in the Fall and sparkling white snow in the Winter. The students are all pleasant, welcoming and helpful. The teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to be sure you understand the material and the availability of food, drinks, school supplies and seating is well placed throughout the campus.
Bang for the buck
the money that you pay for your classes is well-earned. the teachers know what they're doing and the material that they teach is well studied in fields of their own choice. the books are a reasonable price and at the end of the semester, you have a choice of selling your books back to the school store, often for more than half of what you originally paid for them!
Tips for prospective students
i would suggest that you study the map of the entire school before you pick your classes. in the second semester of my sophomore year, i took three classes on tuesdays and thursdays that only gave me fifteen minutes apart to get to each time. i thought i would be okay but then i looked at the class locations after i'd scheduled my classes and realized that my first one was on the northern part of the school and my second class was on the southern part of the school. i had fifteen minutes to make a twenty-five minute walk! it was certainly taxing to have to make such a trip two days a week so i'd suggest better planning how far away your classes are and allowing yourself more time between classes as insurance on inclement weather days.
Great for these types of students
students looking to achieve an associate's degree, students looking to transfer to a four-year university afterward with all of their credits in tact, students who like medium-sized campuses and the familiarity of the students and staff.