California State University Maritime Academy
Vallejo, CA, USA


California State University Maritime Academy

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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In three sentences
I think the school deserves at least a nine for two main reasons. One being that the campus is beautiful and enjoyable, especially considering it is right on the water but also close to other cities such as San Francisco. The other reason is that from what I have heard from other students, the courses and opportunities that the students work hard in classes and on ships but also enjoy the work itself.
Tips for prospective students
Don't think that just because it's a maritime academy, that you have to go to sea. I have talked to alumni who have worked for companies such as GE, Chevron and many other huge industries. Many of these alumni were also engineering students so these options are available to everyone.
Academic Rigor
I will be attending as an engineering student and I find it interesting that my classes do vary, ranging from chemistry to welding lab. I even have courses that will take place on the training ship so I won't necessarily be in the same buildings every day.
Dorm Life
During a tour, I was shown the freshman residence hall which had a lot of different activities available. Aside from what students could do in their own rooms, there were TVs, pool tables, Foosball tables and more for students to do in between classes.
Food and Dining
I've been told by students who have already attending that there is a variety to the food compared to other colleges and there is currently another dining hall being built on campus.
What to do for fun
The campus has the normal sports facilities that you would find on any college campus but soon there will also be a brand new aquatic sports center. There are also technology and engine shops that students have used for extra-curricular uses or simply because they enjoy using them.