California State Polytechnic University-Humboldt
Arcata, CA, USA


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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 866-850-9556
For International Student Services: visit page
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What Students Are Saying

Don't expect a superficial crowd. Humboldt is very relaxed and down to earth. Sometimes the mellowness makes you forget that you're still going to school and you have to do homework sometimes! If you're a person who gets stressed out easily and needs lots of relaxation, this school is great!
Hayley from Bothell, WA
Wear comfortable shoes! Depending on where your classes are, there can be a lot of hills and stairs to climb!
Taylor from CA
Don't think you're off the hook because you're finally on your own. We make sure the campus is clear of substance issues and clean. Be smart and learn because you are now paying for your education.
Justine from Arcata, CA
Visit the campus, it will make a world of difference! When you come, take a tour and ask questions about anything and everything HSU-related! Also, schedule your appointment in advance, and take advantage of your opportunities while you're there - sit in on a class, meet with a professor or the dean of your department! You will find that Humboldt's staff and faculty is very accessible, so don't be shy to ask them questions, too!
Jamie from Northern California
I would definitely suggest visiting the campus before deciding to come here. The school's website seems very enticing, but the area up here is simply not like the area where most students come from (big cities). It's remote and secluded among the redwood trees. Arcata is a relatively small city. The campus itself isn't huge (takes maybe 15 minutes from end to end), but the campus is built on a mountainsisde and so is also known as Hills and Stairs University. However, I strongly recommend a visit before coming here. There's a good percentage of people who come here for a semester or two and then don't come back. I like the area, but due to the seclusion and all it's definitely not for everyone. I recommend visiting during the Spring Preview each spring, although you can of course visit anytime you want to.
Dion from Thousand Oaks, CA
Try to be fit and active, cause there's a lot of walking there and there is a great bounty of slopes, stairs and hills there. make sure you do all of the work assigned, especially if it's important. i know not all classes are great, but try to stick through it and make it to the end. it'll be worth it in the end.
Julian from Blue Lake, CA
Dorm life is almost essential for getting to know people in the first year. Also, don't be alarmed by the small town lifestyle. It may take getting used to but it is definitely interesting and a good change from the city.Register for classes as soon as possible, classes fill up quick and call in for info quick so you can get the info, whomever you call is always nice and willing to help.
Freshman from SoCal
Visit HSU before you decide to come. It is the campus of Hills, Stairs, and Umbrellas. So me friendly with all three. Take Vitamin D pills because the sun peeks out only occasionally during the year (vitamin D is the vitamin we receive from the sun, helps with overall mood and other things). You've got to love the rain, and small towns. Do not come up solely here to smoke the weed, you'll fail out. And make regular meditational trips to the Forest, it is breathtaking. Oh, and get involved in campus activities. The fire shows, circus shows, and dance concerts are really spectacular.
Maria from Arcata, CA
As everyone knows Humboldt is the weed capital, but truly HSU is not that bad. There aren't really any more pot-smokers there than anywhere else. Also, because Humboldt is so small it is pretty easy to survive without a car, especially since parking at HSU is absolutely horrendous. We get the entire bus system free so its easier to just ride the bus around. One thing that does suck about Humboldt is the weather. Its pretty cold and foggy most of the time.
Brian from Bayside, CA
If you love nature and want to get away from the big city, this is the school for you. Bring a bike and prepare to do stairs everyday, it may seem like a lot of them but after a few months you get used to it. Try not to get early classes your first semester if you are not a morning person and remember nobody knows you better than yourself and good luck in college.
N from Arcata, CA