Best Marine Biology Colleges & Programs in North Dakota

How are the Top Marine Biology Programs Chosen in North Dakota

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Originally founded as a teacher’s college in 1890, Valley City State University is an institution specializing in training future educators along with 80 other undergraduate programs. US News & World Report named VCSU the number one public regional...


Students are encouraged to be diligent. The teachers are sensitive to cultural differences, know their subjects well, and communicate effectively. Each class teaches valuable life skills related to the subject of study.

” – Amy from Orlando, FL
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Originally founded as a school of forestry, Dakota College at Bottineau is a 2-year community college in north-central North Dakota. DCB confers degrees and certificates in 34 fields of study, but remains true to its forestry roots through academic...


I would give Dakota College at Bottineau an A because they are great for military/distant students. I love their online degree program for Elementary Education and they advisors actually care about helping you.

” – Lizzut from Princeton, FL