Arizona State University-West
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Arizona State University-West


a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Despite taking numerous classes on subjects which I am quite familiar with, I have learned more than I'd imagined upon enrolling. There are often free information/educational events around campus as well, and numerous support services to help learning.
Am enjoying being here
A smaller, less-popular campus means a smaller population of students. This results in smaller classes and less distractions--as well as a stronger sense of community. Comparatively, the West campus of ASU is far smaller than Tempe and surrounded by far fewer businesses and commuters (there are about three streets that are visible from campus). It is much easier to learn the campus (or, harder to get lost), and if all that distracting, party-life stuff is your thing, you can always take the inter-campus shuttle over to Tempe ('Main') campus and back. You can also take classes at any of the campuses. (The best of both worlds, I'd say.)
Bang for the buck
It seems that everything about this college is expensive. While there are other, more expensive colleges, ASU seems to be exceptionally pricey (and increasingly more so), so seeking any possible financial aid is strongly suggested--especially if you're coming from out-of-state. Having been awarded comprehensive financial aid, I do not think I can accurately judge how the experience measures up to the expense.
Tips for prospective students
Just apply. Don't worry about grades, SAT scores, worthiness, price, etc.; no matter how many colleges you apply to, acceptance does not require you to attend. A special note: Arizona State University does not currently consider applicants' SAT essay at all. When going through the enrollment process online, it often helps to simply call and clarify issues with the ASU staff. Also, seek text books online (and at the college supply store across the street) to try and find lower prices. If you plan to live on campus, learning the general area (for groceries) and knowing how to cook can be quite beneficial.
Great for these types of students
Students who prefer smaller class sizes, smaller campuses, fewer distractions, many options, and can cover tuition or get enough financial aid to do so.

Ayanna from Parker, CO

a current student here
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In three sentences
It's amazing! The small campus makes for great community and the professors are very accessible. One of my favorite parts is the shuttle system that allows travel between all 4 campuses, so you're never stuck on west.
Tips for prospective students
First and foremost know what you like and only take courses/ choose a major that you will find interesting. Secondly if you can do a campus tour for at least two of the campuses so you have an idea of which one is the best fit for you. Also I recommend joining Barrett, the Honors College.
Academic Rigor
This depends somewhat on your professor and what your definition of rigor is. For me it's engaging coursework not busy work. In this sense especially being a part of Barrett but really ASU west as a whole the course work is always meaningful and never busy. You also have a great support team/ services to rely on to help you accomplish your goals.
Dorm Life
Love love the dorms! They are new (about 3 years) and beautifully designed. The dorms have top security and a community kitchen which is awesome for gatherings with friends or if you have a limited meal plan. The other cool part is you are split up by college so Barrett students are on one floor; New College is on another and the WP Carey business students are on another. There are also resident hall events/ parties put on by the residential hall association.
Food and Dining
The food is good and for most part always has healthy options as well as vegan/ vegitarian and gluten free options which is perfect for people with allergies. Only thing is they don't have as much variety as the main campus because it's small. But they do have a cafe and that helps create a nice balance. Plus you can always eat at another campus as the meal plans are ASU wide.
What to do for fun
ASU in general has a lot of events all the time on all 4 campuses. Usually my friends and I will go to various ones like first Friday's in downtown or a dance workshop or a comedy night. On west they have a lot of cool guest lecture events as well as rec nights or game nights. Going to games is always a lot of fun. There's also shopping in Tempe and downtown if you are willing to get in the shuttle.
Bang for the buck
Academics are great and student life is amazing! There are so many give always whether it's food, clothing or other prizes. ASU as a whole puts a lot of time and effort into their events and making college a great experience. There are hundreds of clubs and you can always create a new one. The secret to getting the most bang for your buck is to get involved and find a nice balance of being involved and also being a student.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Finals breakfast- which is breakfast for dinner on the eve of finals. It provides a nice break from studying as well as relaxation or a time to have fun with other friends and students.

Volunteer- we do a lot of volunteer work throughout the year.
Great for these types of students
Great for students who like to have fun but are students first. Also good for students who like a small town feeling; can be very community oriented.
Clubs and Activities
On west there's a good amount. If it's not on west you can either create a club or go to one of the other campuses. There are always activities going on from massages to rec night and concerts, plays, and lectures there's usually around 3-4 events every day of the school week.
Greek Life
There is not any Greek life on west campus.
Campus Safety
On campus officers are friendly and can always be seen patrolling. Students also recieve ASU wide alerts and warnings through email and or text. Plus dorm areas have great security systems.