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tim brennan

The High School Class of 2021: What Their Parents Are Worried About Right Now

Back-to-school plans for the most recent graduating class are up in the air, but the effects of COVID-19 will extend far past the next six months. VP of Student Services, Tim Brennan, explains the five pressings concerns that rising seniors, the Class of 2021, have about their upcoming application season.

Rachel Bean

4 Tips on how to make Huge Virtual Strides with Underrepresented Students

We all have to go back to the basics now and again — and it’s been one of the ways that College Greenlight has so successfully virtually connected with underrepresented students. Their most recent event — the College Block Party — garnered more than 3,800 live attendees. 

Alex Stepien

The New Trend: Juniors Return to Online College Search

Previous research showed that high school juniors abruptly put their college search on the back burner in the face of COVID-19. As students adapt to these tempestuous times, their college planning has restarted just as abruptly — though there are other hurdles to face. CEO Alex Stepien discusses the new trends being seen across higher education.

Rachel Bean

Parents Not Inclined to Delay Child's College Education

Parents are key influencers in a teen’s college decision and any complete picture of the impact of COVID-19 needs to reflect their evolving perspective. Read about the recent findings from RNL’s new online survey, Parents of College-Bound Students & College Planning As A Result of COVID-19.  It reveals interesting insights on the financial and emotional impact of COVID-19 on college enrollment, as well as identifies key areas of concern and uncertainty.

Steve Kania

Charting Change in Student College Planning Behavior

There have been many attempts to gauge the mental state of Gen Z, to predict how COVID-19 is going to change the class of Fall 2020, and all are well-intentioned. Steve Kania, CTO of Appily, compares student sentiment qualified in recent surveys to April’s search activity changes to see if students have really changed their behavior.

Jonathan April

Why CBOs can help improve yield amidst a time of uncertainty in higher ed

CBOs and other access organizations have rallied during this pandemic to stay connected with their students. For this reason, networking with these organizations is now more important than ever to successfully yield future classes. Greenlight GM Jonathan April explains how colleges can form these relationships. 

cappex logo

Introducing: The College Transfer Center

Nearly a third of all college students transfer institutions, and nearly all of them have had questions and confusion at some point in the process. To enhance this experience, Appily has launched the College Transfer Center where students intending to transfer can find pragmatic and expert advice on how to successfully transfer colleges.

kathy menis

5 Ways to Improve Fall Transfer Enrollment

In this recorded webinar, Appily General Manager Kathy Menis and RNL Vice President Dr. Anne Monroe discuss how colleges can connect with transfer students earlier in their decision making process, and be more prepared to engage and educate them on their timeline and terms. 

Jonathan April

Keep high school counselors and CBOs engaged to fortify fall enrollment

Underrepresented students who had the most limited resources pre-pandemic are the same ones that are most impacted now. College Greenlight GM Jonathan April discusses how building relationships across CBO and counselor networks is crucial to enrolling first generation, underrepresented students for the class of 2020.

alex stepien

Enrollify Podcast: How Students' College Research Patterns are Shifting Due to COVID-19

Enrollify Podcast interviewed CEO Alex Stepien about the changing college search behaviors of high school juniors and seniors during COVID-19. Alex shares insights into the questions and concerns these students are facing that might be leading to these shifts.

Alex Stepien

The Trends: Seniors Very Active in Online College Search. Juniors On Pause.

The college admissions world is not immune to the sweeping effects of COVID-19.   With so much uncertainty, all of us in the higher education sector are adapting to the new norm - a far departure for what has universally been an unchanged and predictable student enrollment process for decades.

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Live Q&A: College Admissions in the Time of COVID-19

College Greenlight hosted a panel of admissions leaders to provide new insights on impacts for the Class of 2020 and 2021. Topics included:

      - What colleges are doing to support admitted students in making their decisions

      - How admitted students can make good decisions without visiting campus

      - What impact the cancellation of standardized tests has on the admissions process

      - What colleges are doing to plan their prospective student fly-in programs. 

Our panelists include: Andrew Moe, Director of Admissions, Swarthmore College Veronica Hauad, Deputy Directory for Access, Affordability, and Inclusion, University of Chicago

COVID-19 Resource Center

We have launched our new COVID-19 Student Resource Center to help students track enrollment news. Students will be able to keep up with changing deadlines and testing dates, and have access to virtual tour links and admissions events. 

Update your Institution's Admissions Changes

Our support teams are actively collecting and publishing changing admissions information on our COVID-19 Student Resource Center. If you have changes you'd like to share about your events and activities, important deadlines, links to your bulletins concerning prospective students, and/or contacts, fill out the form below. You may submit multiple times as new information is available. You do not need to be an active Appily client to participate.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please send an email request to [email protected]