5 Ways to Improve Fall Transfer Enrollment

On-Demand Webinar

Kathy Menis

   Insights by Kathy Menis, Vice President and General Manager

   Published on April 8, 2020


Since January, thousands of transfer candidates from community colleges and four-year universities began their online research using college search sites like Appily. Instead of waiting for "stealth applicants" colleges can connect even earlier in their decision making process, and be more prepared to engage and educate them on their timeline and terms.

Appily Vice President and General Manager Kathy Menis teamed up with RNL's Vice President of Recruitment Consulting Services, Dr. Anne Monroe to discuss pragmatic tips colleges can quickly adopt to optimize their transfer recruiting strategy.

Watch the recorded webinar below where they present: 

  • How to discover transfer students and confidently expand your lead pool
  • How to leverage Community-Based Organizations (CBO's) to identify first generation, underrepresented students ready to transfer
  • How to effectively engage transfer prospects and successfully enroll them