Introducing: The College Transfer Center


Rachel Bean

   Written by Rachel Bean, Content Manager

   Published on April 22, 2020


Nearly a third of all college students transfer institutions. They do so for a variety of reasons, ranging from changing their area of study, managing difficult financial or family challenges, or needing to find a better social fit for their personal and mental health. 

Recently we interviewed several students who successfully completed the transfer process and we discovered one pervasive feeling - they felt alone.  Many expressed frustration over navigating the transfer process or even inability to get the help they needed from colleges. On the other hand, colleges and universities with dedicated transfer admissions officers on payroll and other key support services such as credit transfer evaluations, orientations, and transfer financial aid received positive shout outs. 

We see a significant number of students return to Appily with intent to transfer.  Last year, more than 33,000 students used our platform to help inform their college transfer strategy.  Another 16,000+ students above 18 years old also returned but did not confirm their intent to transfer… yet.  

To enhance their experience and help them find answers, we launched a dedicated resource center with content that highlights the struggles of transfer students, in particular,  rather than the typical high school senior college experience. Our new College Transfer Center provides students an opportunity to learn from experts and peers who’ve gone through the transfer process firsthand. This new series includes full-length interviews with students who completed the transfer process and answers to typical questions, such as “why did you transfer?” and “what was the most difficult part of the process?” 

It also includes thought leaders and experts who can provide pragmatic and expert advice on how to successfully transfer including writing personal statements, transferring credits, and handling the financial burden.

Every month we will be adding new content including contributions from college partners. To learn how your university can be a featured thought leader, email [email protected] for more information. In the meanwhile, if you are looking for recommendations for your transfer college strategy, please review our recent webinar with RNL. Stay tuned for more updates on Appily’s new Transfer Resource Center.