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Fashion Modeling

If you love fashion, have an eye for what works, and have a creative streak, studying fashion modeling could be for you. The fashion modeling major is actually a combination of two degrees: fashion design and fashion merchandising. Some schools offer this degree as a bachelor's degree and allow students to concentrate in merchandising and/or design. Although each college program is unique, you can expect to learn the ins and outs of retail, design, and fashion. You will learn how to display clothing on mannequins, on people, and in the store. You will also learn how to manage a fashion show, how to apply models' makeup, and how to market and photograph fashion shows. Fashion modeling majors study computer graphics, textiles, design, drawing, and the retailing of fashion. You will also participate in field trips, help to make a runway show happen, create merchandising displays for stores, and spend time developing your portfolio. You'll be encouraged to complete an internship where you can take all of the skills you've learned during your course of study and apply them to the real world. With a degree in fashion modeling, you will be prepared for a wide range of opportunities that the field has to offer. Some graduates work as buyers, fashion event coordinators, fashion consultants, and merchandisers.

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