Business and Economic Journalism

A program of study that prepares students to gather, analyze, and synthesize verbal and visual information to communicate stories related to business and economics across multiple media platforms. Includes instruction in accounting, business, business and economic reporting, business law, economics, finance, financial accounting and reporting, ethics, journalistic research methods and resources, and journalism skills and techniques.

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Mt San Antonio College

Mt. San Antonio College is a 2-year community college in Walnut, California. Mt. SAC provides associate degrees, job training certificates, adult education, and youth summer programs. The school houses a working farm, wildlife sanctuary, and a...


Mt. San Antonio College attracts students from all over Southern California. This college offers numerous programs, contains excellent departments, and provides incredible student and academic services.

Mt. Sac offers the Special Admittance...

” – Jillian from Chino Hills, CA