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Arts, Entertainment,and Media Management, General

Not all careers in the arts and entertainment industries require creative genius. An arts, entertainment, and media management major will allow you to get involved in the field even if you don't think you qualify as "artsy." With this degree, you'll learn to run art events, manage finances, fundraise, and even develop new programs or applications for art organizations. Every art, entertainment, or media-based company or nonprofit needs people to manage and organize it. This major teaches you to do just that. Fundraising, financial and business management, marketing, event management and promotion, labor relations, and legal regulations are all things you'll become well versed in. The arts, entertainment, and media management major is highly diversified. That means that you can start your career as an actor, camera operator photographer, or set designer, if you're the creative sort. If you prefer to stay out of the spotlight, you'll have opportunities as a manager, talent director, fundraising specialist, or development associate.

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