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American/US Law/Legal Studies/Jurisprudence

What is it about studying law that's so appealing to so many people? Movies like Legally Blonde and Erin Brockovich make it seem incredibly exciting, don't they? If you're considering a career in law, majoring in American law or legal studies allows you to gain the knowledge you need to start your career in this field. In the classroom you'll receive instruction on U.S. law and social sciences. With classes that include legal sociology, constitutional law, and philosophy, your education will be incredibly broad. With an American law or legal studies major, you have the opportunity to start working immediately after graduation or continue your studies in law or graduate school. Career options are broad - you could work as a lawyer, judge, paralegal, legal secretary, or court reporter. You'll even find your knowledge and background useful if you want to work for nonprofits, lobbying organizations, or other private

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