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Aircraft Pilot (Private)

A program that prepares individuals to fly aircraft for personal use, and qualifies individuals to sit for the FAA pilot's license examination. Includes instruction in principles of aircraft design and performance; aircraft flight systems and controls; flight crew operations and procedures; radio communications and navigation procedures and systems; airways safety and traffic regulations; and governmental rules and regulations pertaining to piloting aircraft. This CIP code is not valid for IPEDS reporting.

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Moody Bible Institute of Aviation

Earn a degree from Moody Aviation, a world leader in missionary aviation training since 1946. As an institution dedicated to mission aviation training, Moody Aviation offers a Missionary Aviation Technology program, where you choose to specialize in...

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. It is one of the largest colleges in Ontario, with 21,000 full-time students, including more than 6,500 international students from at least 100 different countries. Fanshawe is located in the...