Planning for College

The tools and resources in this section are curated to help you better advise your students as you support them on their postsecondary journeys.


Assess, Research, Refine: A Step-by-Step Guide to College List Building

Empower your students build balanced college lists with this step-by-step guide to finding right-fit colleges.

Tips for Reducing Student Stress & Anxiety During the Admission Process

Learn three strategies to help your seniors manage stress and anxiety as they await college decision day.

Match: A Reverse-Admissions Platform for Every Student

Learn about Match, powered by Concourse, which allows colleges to apply to students. 


Why Appily Should Be Your Planning Site

Empower your students through the college process with Appily, the all-in-one website for confident college choices!


How Racial & Ethnic Identity Influence Your College Journey (podcast)

This Office Hours with EAB podcast episode explores research findings on ethnicity's role in a student’s academic development.

Advising Students Admitted from the Waitlist

Share these 4 tips with students who are considering waitlist offers.


How to Prevent Summer Melt

See our resource list full of interventions to help college-bound students get to campus this fall.

Appily's College Fit Kit


Download the guide to help your students find the best college for their needs and interests and ensure they have a bright future. 

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