Affording College

As the cost of college continues to rise, students and families are searching for ways to make it more accessible. This section features lists, templates, and guides to help bridge the college affordability gap.


Colleges that Meet Full Need

US colleges and universities that meet 100% of students' demonstrated need. Expand access for your students with this popular resource. 


Help Your Students Calculate their “True Cost” of Attendance

Evaluate the total net price of attendance and compare financial aid offers before students submit their deposit.

Increase FAFSA Submissions: 7 Customizable Templates

Use these templates and checklists to explain important terms and help students navigate the financial aid process.

National Scholarships for Underrepresented Students

Sort through our interactive list of 20+ scholarships and expand access and attainment opportunities for your students.

How to Use College Application Fee Waivers

Review our guide to help students understand fee waivers and consider more college options.

5 Ways to Support Your Students as They Apply for Scholarships

Read the 5 best practices for CBO leaders helping students find and apply to college scholarships.

FAFSA Submission Tool

Adaptable, ready-to-use content to encourage FAFSA

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