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East Coast Colleges and West Coast Equivalents

East Coast Colleges and West Coast Equivalents

In many ways, the East Coast and the West Coast have completely different cultures and lifestyles. New England is very different California. Even so, there are schools on both coasts that possess considerable similarities. Below are three schools on each coast that have similarities. 

University of Southern California and New York University

These are large, competitive and well-respected private schools on urban campuses. While the weather is obviously a huge distinction, both universities have similar tuition structures, acceptance rates and diverse student bodies.

Both universities also offer long lists of extracurricular activities and are known for their student involvement in local communities. Academically speaking, both USC and NYU have robust business and arts programs.

Students in both locations can take advantage of everything these big cities have to offer. One key difference is how USC's campus is self-contained within Los Angeles, while NYU's campus sprawls throughout Lower Manhattan, blending in with the city. 

Claremont McKenna College and College of William and Mary

Claremont McKenna College, located at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in Claremont, California, is a small suburban college with about 1,300 students. This liberal arts school is known for its undergraduate programs in economics, physical sciences and social sciences. Most students are described as open-minded intellectuals with a variety of interests.

Meanwhile, the College of William and Mary is situated in Williamsburg, Virginia and matches Claremont-McKenna. This suburban college is nationally regarded for the legacy of liberal arts programs and politically active student body. Students also are highly engaged in their local community.

Penn State University and University of CaliforniaSanta Cruz

Penn State University has risen up the ranks as one of the top 50 schools in America. It has about 47,000 undergraduate students, over 950 student-run groups and is very devoted to the various sports teams. Penn State has an acceptance rate of about 50%, with rolling admissions.

The University of California–Santa Cruz, located just south of San Francisco, similarly accepts about 50% of applicants on a rolling basis. It is also smaller, with a student body of about 15,000 and Division III athletic teams. Students love the natural landscape surrounding the university. Lastly, both schools are respected for their expansive teaching and research programs.

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