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Free SAT Prep Courses Online

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Preparing for the SAT can seem daunting, but it's far more manageable with the right resources. Better yet, did you know that you can access high-quality SAT prep courses without spending a dime? 

This guide will cover free SAT prep courses available online. We'll also explain why you should consider these resources and how you can make the most of them to boost your score. 

Why Choose Free SAT Prep Courses Online?

Using free SAT prep resources is a smart choice because:

  • They're convenient: Online courses can't be beaten for their accessibility. Study anytime, anywhere! 
  • They're FREE: Save money you can otherwise use for college applications and tuition.

Top Free SAT Prep Courses Online

Now for the best of the best online prep courses for the SAT. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s videos and practice tests are both high quality and free. The company partnered with the College Board to produce practice questions, instructional videos, and tests to assess your skills. Plus, they help you set up an SAT prep plan, understand your score, and much more. 

College Board's Official SAT Practice Resources

Why not go directly to the source for your study prep courses? The resources from the College Board are as close to the real test as you can get. You'll also find study tips, interactive problems, and what you need to know to decipher your score report on their website. 

Princeton Review

Princeton Review offers free resources to get you started, including a two-week free, self-paced course. You'll also find an opportunity to check out the new digital test. Exposure to it before you take the test is crucial, so Princeton Review offers it. 

Kaplan SAT/ACT

While they have paid options, Kaplan also offers free digital SAT practice test questions in a realistic, test-like interface. Like Princeton Review, you'll be able to experience what test day feels like in advance.

SAT Prep YouTube Channels

Although these aren’t classes, they’re highly regarded YouTube channels with tutors who achieved a perfect score on the SAT. 

Magoosh SAT: Magoosh's YouTube channel offers comprehensive SAT reading, writing, and math videos with practice problems and general test-taking advice.

SupertutorTV: Run by Brooke Hanson, a Stanford graduate with perfect SAT scores, this channel offers prep content with additional college admissions, essays, and interview insights.

Scalar Learning: Created by Huzefa Kapadia, a math education specialist with multiple perfect scores on the SAT math section, Scalar Learning focuses heavily on SAT math strategies. The channel features detailed and lengthy videos with simple-to-understand explanations and practice problems. 

Free online SAT prep courses allow you to prepare for the SAT without spending money. We recommend using these resources so you can study effectively, boost your confidence, and aim for your best possible SAT score.

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