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Best SAT Prep Courses Online

Best SAT Prep Courses Online


If you benefit from live, discussion-based explanations and visual tutorials when studying, online SAT prep classes might be your best chance of improving your score. We’ve listed a few of the best courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s videos and seven practice tests are free. The company partnered with the College Board to produce practice questions, instructional videos and tests to assess your skills. The videos and commentary on the practice tests are helpful, plus you can upload pictures of your answers to get a complete “mock” score.

SAT Prep YouTube Channels

Although these aren’t classes, they’re highly regarded YouTube channels with tutors who scored in the 99th percentile or achieved a perfect score on the SAT. Veritas Test Prep, Brian McElroy Tutoring and Kaplan SAT/ACT all provide videos demonstrating how to solve math problems or work through reading comprehension materials with a guide. The channel Double800 also is beneficial. Its material comes specifically from the new and redesigned SAT. There are hundreds of hours of engaging videos and study guides on the four channels.

Princeton Review

Both Princeton Review and Kaplan SAT/ACT offer similar deals, with the base class starting at $299. These classes offer video tutorials, more than 1,000 practice questions, access to practice tests and hours of archived discussions. With Princeton Review, you can pay $849 for 25 more hours of instruction and 140 lessons. These classes cover test strategies on a wide spectrum.

Kaplan SAT/ACT

The most expensive version of the Kaplan class costs $1,599, but it includes unlimited online instruction and an in-person class in December of senior year. For students who need one-on-one attention, this class is beneficial. There’s also a $599 option in which students can watch live tutorials, review sessions and participate through video chat.

The Olive Book

The Olive Book is staffed by college professors, tutors, and teachers who believe everyone is a visual learner. They feature engaging animated explanations of SAT test answers, are self-paced, and are comprehensive. Rather than moving from least to most difficult, Olive Book starts with the content that will earn you the most extra points per hour of studying. Tuition is $390 for 6 months of the course but you can get $100 off by entering code CAPPEX at checkout. 

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