Shilo Lucyk

Senior Content Specialist & Prior Secondary Educator

Shilo’s journey in education began in middle and high school classrooms, where she introduced her students to the captivating world of literature and writing. Through her dynamic personality and modern teaching methods, she not only shared her fiery passion for the written word but also played an instrumental role in guiding her students toward exploring fruitful careers and unlocking rewarding opportunities after high school.

Shilo joined the Appily team, wanting to take her commitment to student success beyond the classroom. Her role here allows her to inspire students to dream big while helping them connect with the tools and resources they need to realize those dreams and achieve their goals.

Backing her experience as an educator in the classroom is a robust academic foundation of her own. Shilo attended the University of New Mexico, earning both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Business Administration. She also attended Xavier University as a student in the M.Ed. program.

With a blend of academic insight and real-world experience, Shilo creates resources and other content that guide students seeking to carve their unique path in the world.