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Extracurriculars That Stand Out

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College admissions committees value genuine interest in a few activities, or even just one that stands out. You don’t have to be involved in 15 different clubs in order to seem well rounded.

Demonstrating curiosity in one area can show your value as an incoming student. Here are some less common extracurriculars shown to stand out to admissions officers.

STEM Programs

STEM programs are offered to engage potential future scientists or engineers. By participating in STEM programs, you’ll have the chance to delve into research projects, conduct experiments and work on innovative projects with other like-minded students.

Colleges tend to like STEM participants because they exhibit an early interest in math and science beyond the classroom. STEM programs are a commitment, but they’re a great way to be a part of the science and engineering community.

Community Arts Clubs

Many communities have local organizations that focus on the arts, including drama, visual art, music or dance. Joining one of these groups not only demonstrates a passion for the arts, it also shows you’ve taken the time to get to know people outside of your high school.

Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts

Many students are familiar with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts from childhood, but few carry on with these organizations after their early years. However, achieving the Gold Award or becoming an Eagle Scout can stand out on your resume. Of course, these are time-consuming responsibilities; scouts must complete many hours of community service and present final projects to a board of judges before their final ceremony. Like college, you'll be held accountable for completing your work.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity operates on a local level with its volunteers. You’ll construct a building or a single-family home. Unlike donating money or participating in fundraisers, Habitat for Humanity offers hands-on volunteering and firsthand interactions with the people you're helping.

Many universities value volunteer work, so taking time out of your weekend to help those in need comes with the added benefit of proving to admissions officers that you're a thoughtful and community-minded individual.

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